Corsica - a place worth visiting

If you decide to go on a trip, then be sure to consider as an option Corsica. Having visited this beautiful place, you will never forget about it! But for the trip to be exciting, interesting and memorable, it is important to learn all the features of the place and properly organize your vacation.

What kind of place is it?

Corsica is a huge island in the Mediterranean Sea, it is the fourth largest in the world in its area. And this, perhaps, is the most beautiful and picturesque region of France. The area is replete with mountains, there are also a lot of rivers and green forests.

Divine beaches

A quarter of the territory is protected by the state, most of the island is untouched by man and remains virgin, about 10-15% of the land is occupied by farms and only no more than 2% are settlements and roads. Undoubtedly, this is the best and visited resort of France.

A bit of history

The history of the island is full of raids by vandals and conquerors. Here managed to visit the Spaniards, British, Byzantines, Genoese, Romans.And every nation that has visited the territory has left a trace in the culture, but, nevertheless, this culture is not only rich, but also unique, inherent only in this amazing place. The structure of France, Corsica entered only in the XVIII century.


Corsica is a beautiful place with a unique culture. First, there are incredibly many beautiful and historically significant places: monuments, relics, a variety of incredible statues, ancient structures and much more. Secondly, the island is distinguished by its musical traditions.

Cool architecture

Almost all Corsicans have always loved, love and know how to sing and do it almost constantly. The songs are melodic, beautiful, original and sonorous. Thirdly, theatrical productions and ballets are developed and loved here. Often held on the island various festivals of movies and songs, sports and religious holidays. In general, life is in full swing.


The climate is presented in two versions: high mountain and sea. Winter is mild, the temperature at this time of the year (approximately from January to March) usually does not fall below 14 degrees. In spring (April-June) it is also very comfortable here, the temperature varies from 18 to 22 degrees.

Pure water

Summer is dry and warm, the temperature can reach 36-37 degrees. There are not so many rainy days in a year, so the vagaries of the weather will not spoil your rest. The most ideal month for a trip is September, this is a real velvet season. But to go here in September, you need to book a place in the hotel almost a year.


The state, the main and the only language of Corsica is French. But some residents speak Corsican language, which belongs to the Romance group.

There is one interesting fact: some Corsicans know other languages, but they rarely speak them even with tourists and visitors. So by all means bring along a dictionary of French to learn something from the locals if necessary.

How to get there?

How can we get to this wonderful island? First you have to make a flight to Paris or Nice (such flights are carried out by many airlines from most major cities). Then you can use the services of domestic airlines or take a ride on a local ferry. Another option is to bypass France itself by making a flight through Frankfurt.

Where to stay?

Corsica hotels are numerous. There are both five-star comfortable giants, and more modest two-star or three-star. The choice will depend on your requirements, wishes and preferences.

Vacation on the ship

So, if you need a rest on the program "all inclusive", start from this. If the budget is limited, look for suitable options based on this criterion. Almost all hotels have websites, so you can go to them, study photos and features, and even view reviews (by the way, they are very useful).

Issue price

Prices for vouchers can not be called low. For example, a tour for one person lasting 7-8 days and nights with departure and hotel accommodation will cost from 40 to 100 thousand rubles. It all depends on the season, the chosen hotel and the specific offer of the travel agency. By the way, you can search for the so-called "hot" tours, which will allow good savings.

Gorgeous view

Things to do?

How to organize an interesting vacation in Corsica? What is there to do with benefits for the body and spirit? Here are a few options:

  • Hiking Corsica is a true paradise from this point of view. Yes, at the end of the day you will not feel the legs, but how many impressions will remain!
  • Be sure to visit the sights! There are so many of them here that everything cannot be bypassed, but the most beautiful and historically significant ones deserve attention. It is better to go on a tour, but you can get around yourself.
  • Relax on the beach. Want to just soak under the rays of a warm sun and immerse yourself in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea? Go to one of the many beaches. It is beautiful and clean everywhere.
  • Do you prefer active or extreme rest? Then there are several options for you: bike rides, horseback riding, skiing (in winter), paragliding and even parachuting! And you can go diving.
  • Visit some interesting or fun event. True, the program is better to know in advance to plan everything.


The cuisine of Corsica is familiar to many Europeans, that is, in the menu you will not find delicacies from insects and other unpleasant, frightening and unexpected ingredients. But you can enjoy meat dishes, in particular from pork or goat meat: sausages, ham and so on.

Seafood in their favor

Also, you will certainly enjoy the freshest seafood.Be sure to try the aromatic wine! In the menu of restaurants and cafes you will also find delicious cheeses, soups from herbs and even flowers, dishes from chestnuts and olives, as well as fruits and vegetables.

Interesting places

Here are some places to visit:

  • Ajaccio is the capital of Corsica, it was here that Napoleon was born.
  • Bonifacio is a small town located above a narrow promontory in the south of Corsica. This is a very beautiful and interesting place!
  • Bastia is the main port city of the island. There are chic landscapes and many fascinating architectural buildings.
  • Calvi is a smart and amazing sight: intricate buildings towering above three huge bastions.
  • The reserve Scandol is an incredible nature, represented by a variety of animals and plants.
  • Alta Roca is a quiet place with amazing landscapes and small villages.
  • Sarten is an ancient picturesque town.
  • Lavezzi is an archipelago consisting of uninhabited virgin islands.
  • Corte is a beautiful city that many residents consider the heart of the island.
  • Porto is an amazing city with a gorgeous bay.
  • Calanche rocks. The unique creation of nature!
  • Filatossa - the ancient buildings that amaze with their grandeur.

Travel Tips

Some tips for tourists:

  1. Do not damage the corals, do not buy products from them! It is a crime.
  2. It will require protection from the sun and from insects, so in advance, stock up on necessary means.
  3. Renting a car (rent costs about $ 70 per day), remember the rules of the road, fines are very high!
  4. Pay all local money.
  5. Leave a tip, it is so accepted here.
  6. For gifts and souvenirs go to small markets, but still grab more money.

Enjoy your holidays!

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