Corner sofa in the interior of the modern living room

The corner sofa can create an atmosphere of comfort in any living room. In addition, it will provide high comfort to its owner and his guests. And if you choose the right color, as well as correctly determining its location, you can change the room beyond recognition.

On you will find corner sofas for the living room, made in a variety of design solutions. We have models of all sorts of colors, among which you will choose the appropriate option in accordance with the interior of your apartment. In addition to a wide range of products, our online store offers customers reasonable prices for goods and a decent level of service.

Selecting the size of the sofa

A large and spacious corner sofa is a great solution for a living room. It has many advantages:

  • High comfort;
  • Presentable appearance - demonstrates the success of its owner
  • Smoothing corners in the room
  • Functionality - many models of large sofas are equipped with folding tables, shelves and mini-bars.

This corner sofa will most advantageously look in the center of the living room, in front of the TV. However, not all models are suitable for this placement, since they are mostly not upholstered on the rear panel. Therefore, if you want to place a sofa in the center of the room, give preference to models with a studio back. Also note that large sofas are suitable only for spacious halls.

If your living room is not spacious, it’s better to prefer compact models. It is advisable to put a small corner sofa along the wall. Today, there are functional models that combine several pieces of furniture. They are equipped with mechanisms for transformation into a bed, and also have built-in sections for storing the bed and other things. Such products can significantly save space in the room. So that the small living room does not look cluttered, choose a small coffee table for it. Perfect fit models made of tempered glass - they look almost weightless, visually expanding the space of the room.

Choose a color for a corner sofa

When choosing a corner sofa color, proceed from the interior features of the living room. If it is decorated in a classic style - give preference to calm, restrained tones. If the decor of the room is modern minimalist - avoid models with an abundance of decorative details, choose furniture in white or ivory.

Remember that if the wallpaper and furniture in the room will be the same color - they will merge together. It does not look too aesthetic. Strong contrasts also do not look particularly good. The only option in which it is permissible - black and white interiors.

If your living room is decorated in soothing colors, choose a sofa of classic shades. Suitable blue, black, brown, gray, beige. A white corner sofa will look luxurious in a room whose main colors are pastel. You can also make furniture a bright spot in the interior by buying a model of red, yellow, orange or emerald hue. These colors look very interesting.

You can buy an angular sofa of any size and color on the website The goods ordered by you will be promptly delivered to any city of Ukraine. If you are having difficulty choosing the right model, our staff will be happy to help you. To ask questions, please contact our managers by phone or online at the website.

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