Congratulations on March 8 to colleagues and beloved women - short and beautiful in verse and prose, funny, funny sms - Pictures from March 8 with congratulations in your own words

018MP-001What should be the perfect greeting from March 8? Of course, beautiful, gentle, exalted and tremulous, praising all the best female qualities and containing the most pleasant, kind wishes. Both funny, funny short poems, and elegant, refined prose, and simple, but very sincere, soulful phrases spoken in their own words are permissible. It all depends on what kind of woman you plan to congratulate on the holiday. Favorite girl or wife is appropriate to whisper in your ear something frivolous and frivolous, colleagues - to prepare an official, respectful text,and greet your girlfriend with a joyful and optimistic poem written on a card with a beautiful picture. However, all this - only tips and possible options for congratulations. You can choose your own way, since there are no restrictions here. The main thing is to be sincere in your actions and actions, speak from the bottom of your heart, and wish only happiness from your heart. Then everyone will be satisfied and the holiday will be held in a joyful, warm and very pleasant atmosphere.

Official greetings from March 8 in prose to colleagues

International Women's Day is widely celebrated in Russia and magnificently. On the eve of the remarkable date, the first persons of the state address the fine ladies with official congratulations in prose, while heads of workers and heads of departments pay homage to workers' collectives of women colleagues. Solemn phrases speak from the scene of the assembly hall, where the meeting is held, timed to coincide with the holiday. At large enterprises, where a large number of women work, congratulations are printed on beautiful cards using a printer, and then, in a solemn atmosphere, they are handed to each woman individually along with flowers and a memorable souvenir.

Respectful phrases in prose, dedicated to March 8, are placed on posters and banners used as a festive decoration of the premises of enterprises and organizations. The decor, designed in such an original style, gives the employees a pleasant feeling and creates a joyful, upbeat and optimistic atmosphere of the holiday around.


Dear and, on this spring day, I feel like saying “dear” colleagues. Spring comes into its own: for you its first flowers, its multifaceted drops. Be always so energetic and motivated as we see you in our company every day. Let any business go on, and dreams come true.


Dear women! We are pleased to congratulate you on the spring holiday of March 8. These flowers, compliments and smiles today sound just for you. We wish you an easy and simple life, but interesting and rich. Let on the way there are only good people and relationships grow stronger. Let the luck smile to you, and you, please, smile us more often with your charming smile.


Dear women! It is exciting and, at the same time, pleased that you can finally congratulate you on the first spring holiday. March 8 is a very beautiful date.We wish all the goals to be achieved in the work, but there was enough time for the family, for friendship, and for yourself. Good luck in everything and let's continue to be friends!

Nice greetings from March 8 to female colleagues in verses


Celebrating International Women's Day in working groups has long become a good tradition. On the occasion of the holiday, in the offices, institutions, organizations and enterprises they conduct entertainment events, lush corporate events or cozy get-togethers. At all these events, the leadership and male employees congratulate women colleagues on March 8, read beautiful, pleasant and kind poems about love, spring and happiness to them, wish to always be beautiful and successful, smile more and warm the world with their kindness, sincerity and optimism .

Congratulations in verse on March 8 are written on bright and colorful themed cards, and then handed over to the ladies along with bouquets of spring flowers and cute souvenirs. Rhymed lines about spring, love and a beautiful women's holiday are decorated with posters, banners, flyers and flyers, which decorate work rooms, recreation rooms and meeting rooms in which they hold solemn meetings and concerts on the occasion of March 8.This design option improves the mood of all those present and creates a bright, joyful and optimistic atmosphere in the team.


Colleagues, women, we ask everyone
Set aside the case.
Flowers we all present to you,
As a sign of spring heat.
Congratulations on the eighth of March,
You are so beautiful at this hour.
We from your smiles melt,
We are in love with you today.


Dear women, happy holiday to you,
All of you are beautiful here today.
We wish you never get sick,
On the holiday of spring laugh and sing.

We wish you happiness in love,
Let not the gray days grieve you.
Let there be a feast in the shower every hour,
Let it be forever spring around you.


You are like spring flowers,
Our dear colleagues.
Without any doubt,
You are bright, beautiful!

In addition, more clever,
On the "five" work you know
Great employee,
Heart you conquer!

We wish you happiness ocean
Luck, excitement,
More love wish you
On the eve of March 8!

Congratulations on March 8 - short beautiful poetry girlfriend


Beloved girlfriend ... She is always there, helps with affairs and advice, sincerely sympathizes if something unpleasant has happened and rejoices heartily when some kind and joyful events take place in your life.She is ready to support all your ideas, including those that in others cause only a condescending smile. She with the same enthusiasm will follow you anywhere, even to the ends of the earth, even to the nearest cafe for cakes. Sometimes she knows you better than relatives and family members and can determine your mood absolutely precisely by the tone of her voice. She is loyal and benevolent. From it you will always hear an honest and truthful answer to any of your questions. She is an indispensable person in life, to whom you can always entrust your spiritual impulses and little secrets. When she is around, you feel confident and do not think of anything bad. Of course, you hardly tell her every day how much you value this friendship. Perhaps it seems to you that everything is clear here without words, but do not hesitate, she really wants not only to guess about your attitude, but also to hear about him. And International Women's Day is perfect to tell your beloved friend everything that has accumulated in your heart. Express your emotions best in prose. Simple, inspired phrases, uttered from the heart, will be the greatest gift for a wonderful women's holiday.Well, you can supplement your speech with a short and beautiful poem containing congratulations on March 8 and pleasant wishes. This sign of attention will make the girlfriend feel emotion and the relationship between you will become even stronger, more sincere and friendly.


Tulips, forget-me-nots, roses
Men quickly raked
So that the feminine look was without frost,
Flowers give us for love!

So let you, my friend,
Flowers will be delivered by a gentleman,
So as not to rustle in the heart of the blizzard,
Open to him soon the door!


Be always so beautiful
Sweet, feminine and passionate!
To go crazy all
Happiness and love to you!

To this women's day
Do not wander into the heart of the shadow!
So that the terms of flowers, gifts,
Life was so bright, bright!


My dear friend,
From the heart, I congratulate you
Happy Women's Day!
And let's sing ?!
I wish you only kindness,
Peace and good luck, happiness, beauty!

Short, funny and funny greetings from March 8 to women in verse and on video


Fun, cheerful and fervent congratulations on March 8 can be dedicated to any woman who has an adequate sense of humor and knows how to appreciate a good joke.For young unwed young ladies, funny rhymes will be suitable, containing festive greetings and wishes to meet your handsome prince on a white horse or black Mercedes as soon as possible. Middle-aged people will love rhymed lines praising their beauty, femininity and professional qualities. Solid and serious respectable ladies too frivolous to read poetry is not worth it. It is better to choose beautiful, optimistic lines that do not contain ambiguous hints or frivolous overtones.

Welcoming words in honor of March 8 can be read aloud to the heroes of the occasion in a personal meeting, sent by mail, written on a bright card, or sent in the form of SMS or MMS messages. Any of these greeting options will be favorably received and will make the most pleasant impression on the woman.


Spring has come, birds have begun to sing,
Cats on the spot can not sit.
And men have a problem now:
How to please your goddesses?

March eighth in the courtyard
We hurry to congratulate you soon!
We will give you again and again
Care, affection and love!


March 8! Ladies - joy!
Today you can later get up!
I wish you got:
Great breakfast to bed
Luxurious flowers bouquet,
In the eyes of your favorite gentle light!


Ladies, women, girls!
Congratulations to you are very happy.
We want to wish passionately
You careers and wealth
Ride on Bentley only
And do not know the problems at all!

Funny congratulatory song for March 8 for women - video

If you want to show creativity and please your women’s friends somehow in a special way, you can prepare for the holiday a funny congratulation song from March 8, converted from the soundtrack to the famous Soviet comedy “The Caucasian Captive”. This project can be implemented in high schools of general education schools, in institutes and in any working groups. For the number will need from 3 to 9 men with good hearing and strong voices. They will have to prepare special carnival costumes in oriental style and make light stage make-up so that some of them become similar to the famous heroes of the film.

Before the holiday, it will be necessary to hold several rehearsals in which the men will clearly memorize their words and remember who performs the couplet. Ladies can present a song during a festive event on the stage in the assembly hall or in any other room where the celebration will take place.For musical accompaniment, you will need to record a track with the song “If I Was a Sultan” and good acoustics that can provide a sufficiently loud and high-quality sound of the melody. And the fact that the number will cause a storm of delight in women, no doubt.

Heartfelt congratulations on March 8 in your own words to a friend, girlfriend, woman, wife

For a close friend, girlfriend, spouse or beloved woman, you need to choose a very special, touching and tender greeting on March 8. You should not use template phrases in your speech or memorize text. Be sincere and natural in expressing emotions and in your own words tell your lady on a holiday, how highly you value your relationship, what happiness you have because there is such a beautiful, bright and devoted woman nearby. Do not skimp on compliments and do not be afraid to overdo it with colorful phrases. All this looks quite appropriate on the eve of International Women's Day, and, as you know, young ladies love with their ears. Therefore, they, regardless of age, profession, and position, are extremely pleased to listen to the inspirational and quivering words spoken by the beloved man.


As a supplement to the festive speeches, do not forget to buy a bouquet of spring flowers and a nice little gift for the mistress of your heart. Women always appreciate such a display of attention and in response surround a man with affection, understanding and care.


My darling! Congratulations on this beautiful day dedicated to all women. I want to wish you, in spite of everything, to remain just as beautiful, just as faithful and just as kind. Let today be your happiest day in your life! Be as beautiful as you are now. On the 8th of March!


You yourself - the embodiment of spring, tenderness and lightness. Violets and mimosas bloom around you, birds chirping and the sun is shining. Congratulations on the day of true femininity, on your day, on March 8!


Let the dripping outside the window sing my congratulations to you. Let the gentle spring sun stroke you on the cheek and warm you on this March day. Let the birds that flew in will bring the first flowers to your feet. Let the branch of mimosa on your table cause a smile on your lips. With the international women's day, my charming princess.

Congratulations on March 8 - pictures and beautiful cards


A themed postcard with a bright, attractive and spectacular picture is another almost obligatory attribute for congratulating girls, girls and women on March 8. Plots are appropriate almost any, as long as they are made in rich colors and reflect the idea of ​​a holiday. If you plan to congratulate the little girl, you can choose a sweet image with kittens, bunnies, cartoon or fairy-tale characters. For a schoolgirl or a student, postcards in a glamorous style, decorated in the traditionally “girlish” colors (pink, fuchsia, young linden, etc.) and decorated on top with sparkles, inlays and lace, rhinestones or shimmering powder, are suitable. Such exquisite gizmos can be purchased at large supermarkets, bookstores or showrooms specializing in the sale of gifts and all kinds of holiday attributes.

Solid ladies are appropriate to present exquisite postcards with flowers, aged in elegant tones. You can spend a little more time and find an unusual transforming postcard for the culprit of the celebration, folding into a large paper flower, or choose a musical postcard that plays a pleasant holiday melody at the moment when it is revealed.There are no restrictions on the style and type of souvenir. It all depends on the imagination and the desire to please the dear person.




SMS greetings from March 8 in verse

Not always loved, close and dear people live nearby. But even when it is so, in the pre-holiday turmoil there simply is not enough time to visit everyone and personally congratulate on the upcoming festivities. Here, short SMS messages come to the aid, which can be sent as congratulations to all familiar women on March 8, regardless of age and social status. Such a small token of attention does not take a lot of time, but it clearly shows that you have not forgotten about dear people and even at the time of strong employment think about them and wish them all the best.


Exactly in the same simple form, you can congratulate on the holiday of March 8 and those women who are not included in the first round of dating, but still somehow overlap with you on everyday or working moments. Ladies from the neighboring department, former classmates and classmates, neighbors, clients and representatives of suppliers will be very pleased on the eve of the holiday to see on the phone screen a few poetic lines sent from your number.They will appreciate such a sweet holiday greeting and will treat you more cordially and sincerely.


Let today a drop of crystal
The world will sing to you a serenade.

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