Congratulations on February 23 colleagues and beloved men - short SMS with humor in verse, official in prose, the most ridiculous in their own words

0123Ф-004Congratulations on February 23 to men can be very different. It all depends on where and to whom they plan to speak. If we are talking about celebrations at work, then you need solid, respectful and strong sentences in prose. They can be said during a solemn meeting, which will be attended by the whole team, including the managers of the enterprise. For a cozy office interlocutor, a very funny, funny and funny greeting lines in verse will do. They will raise the mood of the audience and once again make even the most reserved and strict colleagues smile.Distant acquaintances and relatives living in other cities and countries, it is appropriate to greet with a short comic sms or a beautiful postcard with poems and warm wishes. The main thing is to congratulate men from a pure heart, sincerely and with pleasure.

Short official congratulations on February 23 to male colleagues in prose for corporate

On the occasion of Defender of the Fatherland Day, organizations, institutions and enterprises, even those that have nothing to do with the military industry, hold holiday meetings and thematic corporate events. At these events, male colleagues are welcomed beautifully and respectfully by management. They formally congratulate employees on February 23 and, in short prosaic texts, express gratitude to the male part of the team for their dedicated work, quality performance of their professional duties and the ability to always come to the aid of their comrades. These solid speeches are complemented by pleasant, kind and sincere wishes of success in work, rapid career growth, financial independence, well-being and family happiness.Such colleagues are very pleased with their male colleagues, who show that their superiors see their efforts and highly appreciate their hard work.



Dear colleagues, we congratulate you on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland! We wish you surrounded by peace and tranquility. Well-being, development, achievements, prospects and growth! May there always be strength and desire, opportunities and goals. Best wishes to you!


Dear colleagues, Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day! We wish you strength of spirit, courage and fortitude. Wins on all fronts: both at work and in everyday life. We wish you a firm walk to achieve your goals. And let all obstacles surrender at your approach. May luck always accompany you, fortune smiles and everything will work out!


Happy Defender of the Fatherland! We wish your everyday life to be calm and your weekend easy and unforgettable. May harmony, mutual understanding and comfort always reign in your families.

Cool congratulations on February 23 to male colleagues in verses


In order for the Day of Defender of the Fatherland in the office or at work to be vividly, originally, creatively and permanently remain in the memory of all participants, you need to prepare a fun and rich holiday program, but first greet your male colleagues with cool, funny and funny greetings in verses.Employees can pick up suitable rhymed pieces in advance, memorize them, and at a suitable solemn moment recite them in the presence of the whole team. Texts should contain congratulations on February 23 and pleasant wishes dedicated to fellow men. Too frivolous and frivolous phrases should be avoided, otherwise you can accidentally embarrass someone from the heroes of the occasion. Let the holiday lines be optimistic, vigorous and understandable to all those present. No one should have the feeling that he is being laughed at and out of him, hinting at some shortcomings or specific traits of character. Then everyone will be satisfied and will remember the festive event only from the best side.


Colleagues dear, with the 23rd
I sincerely congratulate you,
I sincerely wish to celebrate the holiday,
In excellent mood - the highest class,

A man’s holiday is an excellent reason
Just have fun, from the heart,
To warm men with forgotten love -
Do not get carried away, so as not to sin.

Well, in general, so dear colleagues,
May your life always be bright
In the eyes of live let sparks live,
As a valiant and honest brave sign.


On the twenty-third of February,
Dear colleagues!
By work for me
Best neighbors!

From the heart of you, dear
On holiday, congratulations!
And health to you, and happiness
I wish you the strength!

And also - great success,
And huge awards,
And I wish you money
Large and immodest!

Be happy colleagues
On the feast of February!
The best things in the world
I wish you!


From February 23
congratulate all colleagues -
It is each of us a duty.
In order not to be bluff

I'll tell you today
All our men,
That you were always
A little, but older

Older in his wisdom,
In experience and honor,
Do not forget that
What are we together

Because the weaker sex
To save can,
And pearls - all of us!
- holy take care!

Always be kind
Glorious men
Let it never happen
In you exhausted strength

Let your purse
Money is getting started again
And, of course, love -
From her children!

Postcards with poems and congratulations from February 23 for male colleagues

If there are more men in the team than women, you can simplify the task and congratulate the colleagues with bright postcards with funny poems and the kindest wishes.




Congratulations on February 23 to men with humor on video

From February 23, male colleagues can be congratulated in the traditional way - just say beautiful words of welcome right at your workplace, or do it from the stage of a conference hall at an enterprise. This option is familiar to everyone and is always accepted favorably. But, if there is a desire to show creativity and please the strong half of the team in some unusual way, it is worth making a small presentation and supplement it with video clips with funny, cheerful and optimistic congratulations on February 23. Men will be delighted with such a manifestation of attention and will gladly laugh at jokes and amusing songs sounded in their honor. To organize such an event, you will need to equip the room in which the party is held with a large TV screen or monitor and a DVD player to play video material.

If there is no possibility to equip the presentation of such a plan, you can send clips with humorous congratulations on February 23 to male colleagues on the phones. They will be very pleased to see and listen to cheerful holiday greetings and feel sincere respect, love, care and attention from the ladies-colleagues.

Congratulations on February 23 to men - short, cool sms in verses

Of course, to personally greet all the familiar men on Defender of the Fatherland Day will not succeed just physically, however, this is not a reason for disappointment. Those who can’t say good, kind words when they meet, you can send to your phone a short cool SMS greeting from February 23 in verse. Former classmates and classmates, nonresident relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, friends and neighbors on the porch will be pleasantly delighted with a cheerful sms, who flew in from you on a wonderful festive day. The fervent congratulatory verses will raise the mood of the perpetrators of the celebration and show that despite the separation distance, you remember them and wish them all the best in all spheres of life.


A short and funny greeting on February 23 in verse is appropriate to send to the closest people, for example, a spouse, beloved boyfriend, father or brother. Of course, such a trifle will not replace words that can be said personally, but the festive atmosphere will strengthen and cause the most pleasant emotions.

The most funny greetings for men on February 23 - interesting ideas and videos


Congratulate men on February 23 can be a variety of ways. The classic option is considered to be cheerful, optimistic and respectful phrases in verses or prose, which are appropriate to say in person or write on a beautiful themed postcard, and then present to the hero of the occasion along with a small pleasant gift. In friendly, cohesive teams or in companies of well-known people, funny, funny and funny greetings filled with fervent words and humorous wishes are more accepted.

The most creative citizens strive to be original and unusual in everything and congratulate their relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances with amusing comic sketches or songs, converted to the theme of the holiday from famous hits. Such extraordinary and bright rooms perfectly fit into any format of the solemn event and bring a lot of joy and pleasure to the heroes of the occasion, guests and participants.

How to congratulate men on February 23 with a funny song

This video clip shows how you can congratulate the men's team on February 23 with an original and effective song potpourri.To recreate the numbers we need four women with a musical ear and well-placed voices. One of them will play the role of a law enforcement officer, the second will act as a flight attendant, the third will be the attending physician, and the fourth will be a strict teacher. Each of the ladies will perform several verses of the song, remade from the popular musical work, and in this way will congratulate all the present men on a wonderful holiday.

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