Comfortable and beautiful kitchen

A good kitchen set combines stylish design and practical convenience. A bet exclusively on the appearance turns the furniture into interior decorations. They are suitable for those for whom beauty is more important than functionality. Practical personalities choose products by a combination of parameters: design style, ergonomics and performance.

Where to buy kitchens

The company "Mebel-Art" sells own-produced kitchens and finished products of famous furniture brands. The range of the company includes headsets from an affordable price range. The average amount of one purchase is seven thousand hryvnia. If you wish, you can save even more and opt for options that cost less than 4 thousand UAH: models “Karina”, “Martha”, “Alina”, “Venus”.

The cost of “Furniture-Art” goods depends on the following factors:

  • materials for the manufacture of modules (chipboard, MDF, wood);
  • material consumption, size, complexity of execution;
  • saturation with curved lines, decorative fragments.

The top price positions (over 9 thousand) occupy the goods, differing in unique design and the thought-over combination of composite modules. Nontrivial elaboration of geometric forms in harmony with the convenient location of functional zones. Such models as “Nana”, “Vita”, “Cosiness” are hits for the majority of consumers. Buying a kitchen is possible in the section where you can choose the best option for performance and color variety.

Modular equipment provides customers with a variety of options to increase the standard dimensions in accordance with the size of the room. The customer can coordinate with the sales department of the company "Mebel-Art" production materials, up to the combined use of different in structure blanks. Wood is more expensive than chipboard with MDF, but its use is limited not only because of the relative high cost.

Wood, along with many indisputable advantages, has one significant drawback: it cracks during prolonged contact with over-dried air.It is advisable to put materials that are resistant to drying in the immediate vicinity of the oven, as well as at a close distance from the cooker and hood. According to this criterion, MDF, polished metal, ceramics or more expensive natural stone are suitable.

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