Cocaine Godmother trailer released with Catherine Zetas-Jones

The first trailer of the Cocaine Godmother drama Guillermo Navarro appeared on the Web, where the main role was played by Catherine Zeta-Jones. The actress has already portrayed the husband of the drug lord in the 2000 movie “Traffic”. And now she is ready to go even further - to reincarnate into the “godmother of cocaine,” a woman who bore the nickname Black Widow, who was respected by Pablo Escobar himself - the notorious Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco. Cold-blooded, ruthless and very dangerous, Griselda controlled the drug traffic in the US in the 70-80s. How? She came up with a clever way to smuggle, hid cocaine packs in underwear, and eventually even opened a laundry store, where all the products had secret pockets for transporting small lots.

Cocaine Godmother premiere - January 18th at Lifetime. Unlike Pablo Escobar, about whom many films have been made - and from the last “Narco” series, there was little about the drug baroness. Therefore, Catherine Zeta-Jones had to really try to get used to the image. And judging by the roller, she got it even frighteningly reliable!

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