Crafts made of clay


Toys made of clay

Clay toys

Before, when there were no toys from harmful plastic, they were made by craftsmen from wood, clay, straw and other natural material. It was a pleasure to play with such toys. Today we will look at several options
Children's clay craft

Children's hand-made clay "Piglet"

Does the child like to make crafts from plasticine? It's good. Only such works of art are one-day. When the room is warm, the plasticine melts, changes shape, and can also stain expensive furniture. Why not change plasticine on
Horse made of clay

Clay Horse

Recently, many people subordinate their lives to the Chinese calendar. And on January 31 comes the year of the horse. The blue horse is a talisman and should bring good luck the whole year. Especially if it is made by hand.

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