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Christian Siriano: 17 Questions

Christian Siriano. Photo: Slaven Vlasic, Getty Images

Christian Sirianois the living embodiment of reality TV done right. Prior to cleaning up onProject Runway, the design prodigy did due diligence at the American Intercontinental University in London, where he interned with punk legend Vivienne Westwood, as well as Alexander McQueen. The kinetic 25-year-old may have earned one type of fame by putting “fierce” into the American vernacular, but his couture-level tailoring, bi-yearly shows at New York Fashion Week and collections with Payless put him in a different fashion sphere altogether. We gave the New York designer our 17 questions. Read on to see what he came up with:

1. Occupation?
Womenswear designer.

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2. Explain an average day at work in one sentence.
I come into the office, answer 50 emails, answer 100 questions about the clothes and the shoes, assign tasks to my staff, check on private client orders, lunch with the team, then I usually visit the factory to keep an eye on the pieces being manufactured now, have discussions with my pattern makers, production meetings for Spring, and THEN I will wind down the work day sketching and snacking and crawling home around 7 or 8. I’m tired just writing that.

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3. High point/low point of your job?
I love owning this business and building my brand of clothing that women want to wear. It’s wonderful of course, but also very stressful. It’s a tough business for everyone, and when its a small team you really stretch yourself to not only survive but grow from season to season. Thankfully we are growing steady and having fun doing it!

4. Favorite Beverage?
I just like a Coke with ice! I do also love a Javachip frappuccino from Starbucks.

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5. Most inspiring film for fashion?
Hmm…Troop Beverly Hills! “And thats why the American Indian is responsible for the turquoise jewelry movement. Fabulous movie. More seriously, maybeYves Saint Laurent: His Life and Timesis one of the most inspiring, beautiful films.

6. Comfort food?
I love anything baked or fried. A baked pasta with goat cheese, chicken fried steak, even a burger from the corner deli… as you can tell I am a very healthy eater.

7. Best gift youve ever received?
I am all about my home being fabulous, so one of my favorites is the beautiful linen bedding that my boyfriend gave me last year.

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Photo: iStock

8. Greatest city in the world and why?
is one of the most amazing cities. I love that all the cultures from around the world are mixed together. I think the fashion is exciting and fresh. The shopping is wonderful, all the markets like Portobello and Spitalfields, which are my favorites. London is where I learned so much about fashion and culture and design. But as you know I made my home here in New York, and I can’t imagine ever leaving.

9. Whats one magazine, newspaper or website you read daily?
WWDevery day, of course. I check onT Magazinea lot, too, and for the celeb stuff I’ve been known to poke my head in on Just Jared and CocoPerez.

10. Fashion uniform when you were 16?
I did not dress cute then. I think I was into very over glam clothing with glitter, crazy belts, tons of hardware, zippers and buckles, flashy shoes in gold… it was almost gay punk. Oh, and I had a full mohawk!

11. Last clothing or accessory piece purchased?
I bought a beautiful Celine bag from 4510 in Dallas; it’s an amazing store and I sell my collection with them!

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Christian Siriano’s apartment

12. One thing most people dont know about you?
I really love to decorate and I’m really into .

13. Favorite song on Your iPod right now.
Lately it’s a lot of Katy Perry, Brad Walsh and Shontelle.

14. Best decade for fashion?
I’d say maybe the ’60s. In Paris, specifically.

15. It girl right now?
I mean do they come more cool and fab than my darling Miss ?

16. Finish this sentence: The future of fashion is
In YOUR hands, so make it exciting and dont hold back! You only live once!


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