Choosing a clutch correctly

In recent years, this modest thing has become a favorite object of designer fantasies. And it ceased to be an attribute of exclusively glamorous parties. Clutches surely took their place among everyday things.

Despite the obviousness of the trend, many fear to acquire a clutch, fearing that it will gather dust on the far shelves, which means that the money was spent in vain. To avoid such a fate, approach the acquisition wisely.

In the basic women's arsenal should be at least a pair of clutches. One for special occasions, the second for every day. If you do not expect to buy new add-ons for each outfit, it is better to prefer that which has passed the test of time and changeable fashion trends. By adhering to a few simple recommendations, you can do everything right. Something interesting, you can always pick up in your favorite online stores on

"Weekend" handbags, envelopes - certainly tiny, their main function - to decorate. Practically here it is necessary to sacrifice in favor of beauty.Well, if it fits powder box, phone and lipstick. Large variations on the subject, leave it as a weekday option.

Regarding color solutions, the most traditional is, of course, black. But here deviations are possible, depending on individual preferences. In addition, clothing and parts should not be the same color. Otherwise, instead of an elegant image, you get just a color stain. Look through the contents of your closet, you may find that it is dominated by light, pastel shades, then dark accents may look gloomy and inappropriate. Beige, by the way, can be used in various combinations. Installing "bag to match shoes" - has long lost its relevance. The main thing is that they are combined in texture and style.


The range of handbags is so wide that you can keep an eye on what will combine elegance with hints of playfulness. For example, a satin, gray-beige clutch, covered with lace.

Having decided to buy something that can be taken both for a mischievous bachelorette party and for a business meeting, keep the course for a classic style, here are appropriate: satin, lace, velvet.Often used beads, sequins or rhinestones, but then it is desirable that the colors are restrained.

Now about the mistakes that make the creation of a glamorous evening look. Leather products, or materials imitating it, should be avoided, it will look rude.

Today, clutches have become larger, more voluminous and much more democratic. They perfectly complement the casual look. Fabric and even plastic clutch bags are worn with jeans, office suits, sundresses and skirts. When choosing a clutch for every day, be guided not by seasonal trends, but by what is most suitable for the things you have. So, you can easily get an accessory that will always be fully armed. The main thing is to trust your taste, and you will always be on top.

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