Choosing a brush cutter at

Brush cutter - the device is not very common, unlike the Bulgarians and trimmers. This is not a universal tool that everyone may need, but if you have a large garden, or you work as a gardener, then you cannot do without a brush cutter. helps to understand the assortment!

Choosing a brush cutter at

It is rather difficult to choose a brush cutter due to the wide variety of construction and types. Therefore, before buying, you should think carefully about why you need it. The main purpose of the brush cutter is to cut the bushes. With this tool, you will give the bushes the correct shape and make your garden aesthetically perfect. If you have one or two bushes, the purchase of a brush cutter will not be justified - here you can handle with scissors, but for large volumes of work the brush cutter will be very useful.

Types of brush cutters

Garden shears or electric trimmers can be attributed to stretch cutters. They also allow you to handle bushes or young trees, but they can not replace a full-scale brush cutter. There are two types of brush cutters: electric and gasoline.

Electric models are mains (powered from a power outlet) and rechargeable (they use a rechargeable battery). Cordless brush cutters are more convenient, because you are not tied to a power source, you do not interfere with the network cable. But the battery charge may not be enough for all the work, and you will have to take a break to recharge the battery. On average, a cordless brush cutter lasts about 30-40 minutes. The network option is cheaper and works as long as you wish. But the need to drag the cord along the garden brings significant discomfort. The cable itself will also interfere in work periodically.

Choosing a brush cutter at

Gasoline brush cutters are distinguished by high power and complete autonomy, but you have to pay for everything: they are expensive, difficult to maintain and pollute the atmosphere with exhausts. The fuel used is not pure gasoline, but a mixture of gasoline with engine oil.

The main parameters of brush cutters

Brush cutters are selected for power, size and type of cutting tire, and power source, as we have already mentioned above. Brush cutter tire consists of two blades on which sharp teeth are located.During operation, these teeth move at high speed, cutting off what comes between them.

It is believed that it is better to choose a brush cutter with a long blade. But it is not always the case. The longer the tire, the heavier the tool, and the more it vibrates. It will not be very convenient for a beginner to work with such a brush cutter.

Blades can be single or double sided. Bilateral more productive, but require a certain skill. Unilateral control is much easier, they are easier to give the bushes the desired shape.

The blades are also divided according to the cutting principle: one-way and mutually cutting. In the first variant only the upper blade moves, in the second one both blades move. One-way can be advised novice gardeners - they are easier to operate and cost less.

Choosing a brush cutter at

Power modern brush cutter is in the range of 500-2500 watts. Electric models are less powerful - up to 600 W, this is enough for processing branches up to 2 cm in diameter, and gasoline brush cutters achieve higher productivity values, allowing branches to be cut to 4 cm.

Operational safety

Before you begin, read the instructions. Do not cut the bushes in the dark.Brush cutter is a rather dangerous device, so be careful that nothing prevents you from working. Especially it concerns network brush cutters with a cord. Do not work with a brush cutter in the rain and do not forget to take breaks to cool the engine.

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