Characteristics of the energy audit of the company

The energy audit of an enterprise is a comprehensive survey, which is carried out to determine the structure and efficiency of the company's energy expenditure, search for its most energy-intensive elements, determine the causes of loss and prepare certain recommendations for their elimination. Energy audit can be considered as a separate type of service, and the previous stage of work on the modernization of the enterprise.

Today energy audit is considered a relatively new concept. It is a fundamentally new type of work or a certain range of services, which has a separate name. If the company needs to conduct an energy audit, then it is better to entrust this work to the regional expert center “Labor Protection”, which provides these services in Omsk and Tyumen. There are certain requirements for conducting an energy audit:

  1. The general direction is to determine the effective energy consumption at the enterprise and search for the optimal way to reduce them.
  2. The composition of the work is conventionally divided into 4 stages. The first step is a company survey and initial data collection. At the second stage, the processing and analysis of the collected data is carried out. The next stage is developing energy saving measures. At the final stage they conduct a technological and economic substantiation of the required measures.
  3. Consider the requirements for the volume of selected and analyzed information data, according to the methods performed in the framework of energy audit of actions.
    The result of the energy audit work is a certain information product, which is drawn up in the form of the required technical report. Depending on the tasks agreed with the customer, energy audit may differ in its composition and degree of development of measures that are recommended up to the performance of certain tasks, for example, when drafting a project or a business plan. However, the main purpose of energy audit is a preliminary pre-project character.

The main product of the energy audit is information that is able to give a complete picture of the supply and consumption of energy by the manufacturing company.It is fully represented, as the number of energy flows, which are characteristic of certain points in production, and the total values ​​that consumes or distributes for a certain period of production.

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