Change the tariff

If the tariff plan installed on your phone has ceased to correspond to your life style, you can change it to a more suitable one. When working with different operators, there are different rules and procedures for changing services. In this article you will learn how to change tariffs when connecting to the most popular operators in the country.

Change the tariffGo to the tariff megaphone

If you are a MegaFon subscriber and use your mobile for regular calls and access to the Internet, you can choose the most advantageous tariff directly from your phone or via the Internet.

When you have chosen a suitable tariff plan, the easiest way to activate it is to enter your Personal Account on the official site of the operator Go to the section "Services and tariff", click on the item "Change tariff plan" and select one of the options. For users of devices based on Android and iOS, the operator has developed a separate application called Service Guide. You can download it from the Play Store or the AppStore.

You can choose the most suitable tariff on the website in the section “Tariffs and Options”. It also shows the cost of connecting and using options. To connect each Megafon tariff, there is a USSD team, which you can see by clicking on the service.Change the tariff

If you do not have access to the Internet, dial the short number 0500 for a free call to the operator. A specialist will help you choose the best rate and activate it on your phone. To do this, he may ask you for some passport information or a code word to make sure that you are the owner of the number.

And finally, the last way to switch to Megafon tariff is to go to the nearest office, taking with you a passport or a notarized power of attorney from the owner of the number.

How to change the tariff in mts

The change of the MTS tariff plan is carried out by means of a request via SMS, in the Personal Account on the website or via the mobile portal. The most popular and convenient way is to send SMS with a special code to the short number 111.Change the tariff

MTS tariff codes:

  • 1024 - Smart;
  • 1025 - Smart +;
  • 727 - RED Energy;
  • 8888 - Super MTS;
  • 307 - MTS Connect4;
  • 777 - Ultra.

For more information about each of the tariffs, please visit It also describes the cost of moving and using the plan.

MTS offers its subscribers a special service "Single free tariff change". You can go to absolutely any tariff for 0 p. The service is valid for 30 calendar days, starting with the release of the initial lock.

How to change the tariff on the biline

Operator Beeline is constantly developing new profitable tariffs for its subscribers, and in order to install one of them, it is not necessary to buy a new package - you can simply change the tariff plan.

First you should clarify which tariff is set for you at the moment by dialing the combination * 110 * 05 #. Based on the information received, select the most advantageous offer on the operator site or in one of the Beeline offices.Change the tariff

To change the Beeline tariff by phone, use the support numbers: 0611 or 8 800 700 0611.
Important: the transition to any selected tariff is paid, and the cost varies depending on the offer and region. The amount for the transfer is automatically deducted from your account.

How to change the tariff tele2

Tele2 regularly works on updating the tariff line, offering subscribers more advantageous offers. Before changing it is recommended to clarify the parameters of the valid tariff plan using the USSD-command * 107 #. The first plan change is free.

There are several ways to change the tariff for Tele2:

  1. By calling the tariff change service at number 630.
  2. With the help of self-service Log in to your account, click on "Change tariff" and select the most suitable offer from the list.
  3. Contact your nearest Tele2 store with a passport or a notarized power of attorney from the owner of the phone.Change the tariff

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