Pillow cat

I have twins growing up who like outdoor games very much. I wanted to make for them something unusual and pleasant and, at the same time, functional. Pillows in the form of toys - the very thing, and sleep on them and with them you can, and sometimes throw them at each other. And to make them easy, every craftswoman will be able to.
Increase pattern
Increase the pattern to the size of the foot in 4 cm and translate into fabric. I recommend a soft fabric such as fleece or knitted knitted fabric, you can take the old children's blouse or t-shirt.
Cutting all the details
Cutting out all the details.
We hang on pink pads
We put on pink pads on our paws, and a spout, flakes and a tongue on our little face.
Getting Started to Knitting
Getting Started to Knitting a back of an ordinary hosiery. To do this, it is advisable to take a thread such as grass, a large needle size at least number 7, dial 28 loops and knit 40 rows.
get a rectangular canvas
You should have a rectangular canvas the width of the back of a cat.
Tail ready
On the tail, it is enough to dial 9 loops and knit as long as the back. The tail is ready, it is not necessary to sew it up, it will roll so well, it will be plump and moving. All of this took me 50 g of yarn.
proceed to the cutting
Now proceed to the cutting of the back and tummy. I took a fleece on the tummy, and its size should coincide with the backrest you connected in a straightened form so that when stitching everything can be seized into the seam. Also for laying out two pieces of any fabric or padding, or, like me, from the batting. This is necessary for greater rigidity.
Put the knitted back
Put the knitted back on top of two layers of fabric and quilt in several places so that the knitted piece does not move away from the back of the cat, the yarn can stretch.
 Sew through all paws and head
Sew through all paws and head.
Turn on the front side
Turn on the front side.
Pack your paws loosely
Pack your loosely paws, your head can be tighter.
 made a cut in the back for stuffing
For stuffing my head, I made a cut in the back, it still will not be visible in the finished product.
sew over the edge
Behind the head, you can just sew over the edge, but I wanted to muzzle even more. Therefore, I sewed a patchwork, it will be invisible in the finished pillow.
fixed glue
I fixed one kitten with glue crystal-moment ready-made eyes.
attach other eyes
I decided to attach other eyes to the second cat. First embroidered cilia.
pasted eyes
And then she glued little eyes, they move when turning. I liked these much more. You can think of something else, for example, buttons.
Getting Started for the Build
Getting Started for the Build. We attach the tail correctly, so that its folding side is lying down, knitters know about the twisting feature of the stocking fabric.
whether the tail was correctly attached
We control ourselves, whether the tail was correctly attached.
sew paws
You can sew paws in this position, however, you can sew them along the body. First on one side, then on the other, leaving a sufficient opening for the packing on the side.
made stuffing foam
In this hole we fill the cat, who wants what. I did stuffing foam. You can padding polyester, hollofiber, wool residues, knit trim.Batting will not allow the pillow to be uneven.
Sew side with stitch
Sew side with stitch over the edge. We fix the cat's muzzle with threads on the side so that it does not interfere with the child’s head, sometimes snagging on the pillow.
view from the side of the kitten
This is the kind of the side of the kitty.
Cat pillow
We decorate it with a bow, and it is ready for children's games.
Cat pillow
I did the second cat at the same time.
Cat pillow
And so they met!
Cat pillow
And they went into free swimming around the apartment.

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