Casket from an unnecessary book

Printed publications began to lose relevance. Imperishable masterpieces still deserve the best seats on the shelves, but disposable publications only work on the kindling of the fireplace. You can also make an excellent jewelry box from such a book. Materials and tools for work:
  • Book;
  • PVA and Moment;
  • sheet of paper;
  • scissors;
  • colored felt;
  • nacreous shadows;
  • paper cutter;
  • decor;
  • ruler;
  • pen.
 A casket from an unnecessary book
Work stages: 1.Push the covers and pages with paper. 2.Tap the edges of the sheets.
 Casket from an unnecessary book
3.Drawing the size and shape of internal space. 4.Cut out the inner depth of the book to the full depth of the book.
 A casket from an unnecessary book
5.Ogle the boards with felt rectangles from the inside. 6. Wrap a book outside with a large piece of felt, smear the covers with “Moment”, 7.Change the free edges inside, cut out the extra squares in the corners, glue it, press the whole structure with the press. In the cover to fill the remaining loose strips of felt.
 A casket from an unnecessary book
8. To glue from the inside with felt of a different color all remaining surfaces, to glue the bottom to the sheets.
Box from an unnecessary book
9. Outside, cover the edges of the sheets with golden pearl paint, mixing it with white glue. 10.All corners and other places with white cuts digging the same mass.
 A casket from an unnecessary book
11. Decorate with a brooch or attach a flower made of cloth, sew a fastener from a large elongated bead and elastic to the covers.
Casket of unnecessary book
 A casket from an unnecessary book
 Casket from an unnecessary book
Morally obsolete or modern empty books can get a new, interesting life and become a subject,which will decorate the interior and become a model of good taste and elegance.

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