Caries: how to treat it without pain

Go to the dentist. If you go to a social hospital, then pre-take a voucher. In paid clinics, pre-registration is also necessary, but if you have a bad tooth ache, then you will be accepted on the same day. Try not to hesitate with going to the doctor, sometimes caries develops very quickly. The sooner you decide to cure a tooth, the easier it will be to do.
When the damage to the enamel is only superficial, you will remove part of the tooth. This is done without anesthesia, since there should be no pain. After the doctor removes the tissue affected by caries, you will receive a permanent filling. Do not eat for several hours after sealing. And in the future, do not gnaw hard products on this tooth, because the filling can fly out.
If you have already formed a hollow in the tooth before the nerve, you will remove a piece of bone tissue and impose arsenic, with which you will have to go for about 2 days. In some cases, impose a special paste that kills the nerve.The paste lasts a little longer, about 10-14 days. After that, you will remove the temporary filling, extract arsenic or paste and drill through the channel. Then the canal is sealed and a temporary filling is again applied. After a week, you need to come back to the hospital to have a more robust filling material.
When contacting the clinic with modern equipment, you will cure your tooth on the same day. You will remove the tooth layer, remove the nerve and look, with the help of a special device, the state of the channel. After that they will put a seal. You will not be able to do the same procedure in a free hospital, as there is no equipment there. This service is convenient because you do not need to go to the hospital several times.
Helpful advice
If, after treatment, the seal fell out in the next few months (usually a guarantee of up to six months), contact the same hospital. You must replace the seal either for free or for partial payment only.

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