Cannes Film Festival 2018

Hello movie lovers, who follow the Cannes Film Festival? I watched the photo from the opening, the outfits are certainly impressive, where can I watch the broadcast of the closing of the festival or will they not be shown live? Who posted, share information.


I usually read reviews on the poster about Cannes, the film by Gaspard Noe is very vivid. An overview at least from Kino TV came out interesting.

By the way, Kino TV was broadcasting the closing of the festival. Look at their YouTube channel, many interesting moments from Cannes. I prefer to listen to film critics to know what is worth watching and what can be overlooked.

In Cannes, Penelope Cruz is just pretty this year. Of all of it is it.

And I'm not particularly fond of movies. After all, if you have nothing to do in your free time, then you need to try, at least sometimes, to direct your energy into a useful channel. For example, I have now decided to resolve future issues, for example, I have already begun to for school to buy. It’s easier and faster to order everything today than to run and search for what’s left in the stores

Penelope Cruise is a real talent. Films with her participation make an impression on me. Although there are not interesting films for the plot, but for the sake of it they are worth seeing. But recently, an interesting Galveston film was watched., the plot that impressed me and this for so much time. The film is very beautiful.

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