Can't remove the ring from your finger? Read our tips

If you wear rings, then surely at least once you had to remove them from swollen fingers. It is not easy, and sometimes very painful. But there are ways that will allow you to do everything quickly and safely.

What not to do?

How not to do? First of all, do not try to pull the ring or jerk it off. This will lead to increased edema, which will only aggravate the situation. In addition, you should not try to cut the ring yourself using a hacksaw and other similar tools. With any awkward movement, you can get a serious injury or even be left without a finger.

How to be?

So, how to remove a ring from a swollen finger? Here are some of the most effective ways:

  1. If the finger swells slightly, then you can try to do without any additional funds. Just gently twist the ring and simultaneously move it in the right direction, that is, towards the end of your finger. Have patience, because everything can take more than 5-10 minutes.And do not hurry, otherwise it will not work.
  2. If the first method did not work, then you can try to use a lubricant that will reduce friction and increase slip and thus help remove the ring. The role of the lubricating composition can play a soap solution or liquid soap, shampoo, oil, greasy cream or lotion, petroleum jelly or something else. Liberally lubricate your finger and start scrolling the ring to its end. Do not hurry! By the way, to speed up the process, wrap the second palm with a cloth so that it does not slip off the swollen finger.
  3. To provoke the outflow of blood from the finger and thereby reduce its volume, you can raise your hand for fifteen or twenty minutes and hold it over your head. When the swelling is slightly reduced, try again.
  4. Cold, which is known to provoke vasoconstriction, will help reduce the volume of the swollen finger. To achieve the result, you can drop your hand into cool water or into the refrigerator freezer for a few minutes. But it is worth remembering that a significant decrease in temperature can cause a narrowing of the metal, which will make the engagement or other ring even smaller.To avoid this, try not to let the product itself come into contact with water or cold air.
  5. If the previous method did not work, then try to prepare a saline solution (two or three tablespoons for a glass), cool it and place a finger in the container. Cold water will cause a narrowing of blood vessels, and salt will literally pull excess fluid through the skin. As a result, the volume of the swollen finger will significantly decrease.
  6. If you remove the jewelry interfere with the folds of the skin on your finger, then seek help. Let someone pull the skin, and you at this time try to remove the ring. Probably succeed.
  7. You can use a thread (preferably silk), thin line or dental floss. One end is held under the ring, using a thin needle for this, and wrap the other end with your finger. But the wrap is quite tight, it will allow a little decrease in volume. As soon as you wrap the widest part, immediately begin to try to push the ring, gently rolling it. Remember that the finger must remain in the wound state for no more than 15-20 minutes, otherwise tissue necrosis (that is, their death) may start due to the lack of blood in them.
  8. If the edema is significant, then you can try to remove the excess fluid from the body. To do this, use coffee, a decoction of lingonberry leaves or other plant-based diuretics. But do not overdo it, so as not to bring yourself to dehydration. As soon as you notice that the swelling has decreased, try removing the ring.
  9. If the cause of the puffiness is damage (for example, a scratch or bruise), then you can resort to medicinal or folk remedies. So, you can lubricate the damaged area with anti-inflammatory ointment. This will not only eliminate inflammation and relieve swelling, but also increase gliding. There are antihistamine ointments used after insect vinegar. They also eliminate excessive edema, so try using one of these topical preparations. In addition, you can attach to the finger puree made from raw potatoes. For these purposes, you can also use the cabbage leaf. And to relieve swelling and inflammation, you can use soda solution, preferably cool. In a half glass of cold water, dissolve a teaspoon of soda and place a finger in the liquid for 10-15 minutes.
  10. You can use several methods at once. For example, first immerse your finger in cold water, then raise your hand, then lubricate your skin with oil or soap and try to remove the decoration. You can also choose instead of using a lubricant method with the use of thread.

If you have injured your finger when trying to remove the ring at home, then by all means treat the wound! To do this, you can use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, a solution of "chlorhexidine" and other means.

When do you need drastic measures or outside help?

How to understand that removing a small ring alone will not work? If the finger is very swollen and significantly increased in size, almost does not bend, and the skin has acquired a bluish tint, you should immediately take drastic measures. Contact the emergency room or the rescuers from the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

They will free your finger using the wire cutter. After this, the doctor can make the injection anti-inflammatory or antibacterial to reduce the risk of tissue necrosis and other serious consequences.

Let the above tips help you remove the ring without harm to health and as soon as possible.

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