Can baby banana?

Tatyana Lyho
Tatyana Lyho
July 31, 2012
Can baby banana?

There are over a hundred varieties of bananas, and it is widely used in people from all over the world. This fruit has its own packaging. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. Potassium, for example, strengthens bones and reduces the likelihood of stroke and hypertension. Folic acid is necessary for pregnant women and women of childbearing age. Let's see if a baby can have a banana.

The benefits of bananas for children

For kids, a banana is a delicious treat. And parents see this unique fruit and healthy properties. Doctors unequivocally and positively answer the question of whether a child can have a banana. They reveal the secrets of a banana, refuting the opinion of many about its harm to children.

What is so unusual about a banana? Starch, splitting, turns into glucose. This is a very valuable and necessary substance for children. Cellulose is a source of energy for a growing organism and an aid in the work of the intestines.

And another banana improves attention and mood, activates the brain and other systems.Now, when the baby asks you for a sweetie, give him a useful banana instead of sweets.

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