Buying a used car: what you need to know

“It was Saturday. I was going to meet friends. At its very first, albeit used car. For the first time in three months of driving, the DPS inspector stopped me. It turned out: MY car in search. She was hijacked by the rightful owner. The car was seized. I was left without a favorite car and no money ... "

Such a sad incident happened to my friend. On the soul, cats still scrub. And worst of all - such situations are not uncommon. Fraudsters have mastered the scheme of selling mortgaged and stolen cars. Because the legal property is always returned to the rightful owner. And what do you do? You're a victim too.

You are entitled to claim damages from the seller. Only the probability of finding it is close to zero. You can also go to court. You will have to prove that you are a bona fide purchaser. That is, they did not know and could not know that you are buying a car from a person who does not have the right to sell it. After you can count on compensation.Just how much time, nerves and money will be spent on it ...

In your power to protect yourself from such troubles when buying a used car! The following recommendations are not 100% protected. But significantly minimize the risk of being deceived.

Buy a car exclusively under the contract of sale

By purchasing by proxy, you are very risky. Power of Attorney does not give ownership rights. Anyone who “sold” a car to you in this way has the right to sell it, donate it or ... return it, withdrawing the power of attorney unilaterally. And this is only a small fraction of the "surprises" that can wait for you.

Buying a used car: what you need to know

Buy a car only if you have the original TCP

PTS, or technical passport - the main document on the car. Note the vehicle identification number (VIN). Check it with the numbers printed on the elements of the car (under the hood, in a special window under the windshield, on the body rack from the driver's door). They must match.

When buying, there are situations when the seller provides a TCP marked “Duplicate”. Watch out. Two options are possible:

  • Duplicate of PTS marked “In return for delivered PTS” - a deal can be made only if the seller provides a photocopy of the previous registration certificate. Diligent car owners keep a copy.
  • Duplicate title with a mark “On loss of title” - refuse such a deal. There is a great risk that you will get a mortgage or stolen car.

Find out the history of the car you are buying.

To do this, use the special vehicle inspection services. They provide an opportunity to check a car for participation in road accidents, being pledged, wanted, leased, having legal restrictions, using as a taxi, etc. Verification is carried out using the VIN-code, state number or certificate of registration of the vehicle.

On the Internet, you will find many similar services that help you learn the history of your future cars. Required are:

  • State Traffic Inspection Service
  • Register of notifications on the pledge of movable property of the Federal Notary Chamber
  • information retrieval portal "Avtokod"
  • Service of the Russian Union of Motor Insurers

Buying a used car: what you need to know

In addition, mobile applications can quickly get a short report.Just pre-install them on your smartphone.

Check the vehicle for forensic examination

Examination is paid. Do not be stingy. The result is 100% accurate information about the car and zero doubt. Net deal guaranteed. Forensic experts will verify the authenticity of the documents, “punch” the machine through various databases and examine it with the use of forensic tools and methods.

Expertise is carried out by forensic departments at the Main Internal Affairs Directorate. The approximate cost of 1,200 - 1,500 rubles., Time - a couple of weeks. If you do not want to wait, contact a private organization that carries out an independent forensic examination. Verification of legal purity will cost about 3,000 rubles, the report will be ready as soon as possible.

In addition, there are a few more points that you should pay attention to:

  • Take a look at the seller's passport. Its initials must coincide with those indicated in the TCP. Also look at the certificate of registration of the vehicle.
  • Pay attention to the timing of ownership of the machine by previous owners. Think about it if several owners changed for a couple of months.
  • Ask the seller to show the financial documents for the car.
  • When purchasing a car without a run in the Russian Federation, be sure to ask the seller for a customs declaration. The document confirms that the car legally crossed the border.

The more information the seller provides, the more likely you are to buy a good car with clean documents. Diligent car owners take care of the car, have a complete set of documents and be sure to give the service book.

Do not fall for the tricks of fraudsters. Be carefull. And good luck with your purchase!

Buying a used car: what you need to know

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