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Buying a house in installments

Can you please tell me how to draw up an installment contract for the purchase of a house correctly, if there are still the funds of capital assets in the transaction? How to register such a contract so that both the seller and the buyer are insured against default by the other party.


Good afternoon! Registration of the transaction for the sale and purchase of an apartment using matcapital funds differs depending on the method of payment for the purchase.

Housing is purchased using borrowed funds. The scheme is as follows: the family turns to the bank, takes a mortgage, prepares all documents and applies to the RF Pension Fund for payment. The fund reviews the collected papers and makes decisions on them within a period of not more than 2 months, after which the money is transferred to the bank in a cashless way to repay the loan. Real estate is purchased at the expense of the family’s own funds. The applicant submits documents on the purchase and sale transaction to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and waits for payments to the seller from the fund. An important condition for the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation is registration of the acquired apartment as joint property of all family members.This is done either immediately upon signing the contract of sale, or later, 6 months after the repayment of all debts to the bank. But in this case, the owner of the certificate must provide the PF RF with a notary certified obligation to divide the property into all family members.


Hello everyone. Most recently, Sovcombank issued the Halvah card, which allows all owners of this card to buy goods by installments at 0% per annum for up to 12 months. It is beneficial to both shops and buyers. How to arrange such a card can be read herehttps://probankira.ru/finansy/karti/karta_halva.html. I recommend, while this freebie with installment purchases of any goods is not closed))).

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