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Budget repair

Xenia, hello! I read you on Instagram that with budget repairs, you advise you to dance on the availability of goods in hardware stores. And if, given the limited budget, I still like a certain style, how can I try to sustain it with a very limited budget? I like the elements of loft, grunge and even steampunk. I would like to understand a little bit how all these styles differ. Thank you


Yes, indeed, the choice of tasty things in the low price segment is limited. If you still do not want to deviate from the intended style, then you can save on changing the type of material (for example, in bathrooms partially replace tiles with colors, use PVC tiles on floors in wet areas), spend more time on large surfaces searching and selecting the price is more noticeable when buying 30 meters of material than when buying two), do not forget about promotions, discounts and special offers. You can show the withdrawal from the assortment of a material, as a rule, warehouse stocks are sold at a large discount.A few days ago on Instagram we launched a new project.prosto.remont�in which on an ongoing basis we publish both tips and examples of budget decisions.


My husband and I just finished the repair of a nursery last week. After a few days, we went to local shops, but we found furniture that suits us at a price and quality only on Rumpe. Fell in love with her at first sight. In addition, there was a small discount on it, and now every penny in the account.

Good repair can be organized and it is not worth paying a lot of money. I recently reworked my bathroom - I updated all the tiles, and also decided to put new furniture, I bought a sethttp://santameb.ru/catalog/komplekty_mebeli_dlja_vannoy.�Picked up the color scheme: gray and black, also added white color to the interior.

we have loft repair

Repairs need only experienced professionals to trust, who can guarantee a good job, and will do everything right from the technical side of the issue.

Absolutely agree with you. Repair really need competent people to do. We are here and the repair of the cottage in Moscowhttps://www.otdelkalux.ru/remont/cottage.html�from professionals from Artel Sergei Petunin ordered.The guys did all the work qualitatively and invested in the stipulated time. What pleased us.

I myself believe that experienced specialists should be engaged in repair and construction and installation work. Then the quality will be excellent, and the repair itself will last for many years.

We have purchased a certain style of lighting for budget repair here.https://svetlakoff.ru/crystal-lux.html�because prices are high enough in stores, you will not overclock.

We now want to save a little on the purchase of new doors. We think to make pasting. I found guys who do it -http://recolors.ru/oklejka_dverej/�. Do you think you should contact them or spend a little more?

Good day to all!

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What do you think about door pasting?

Now a lot of cool ideas can be implemented, technology allows. We ordered a dressing room this year, we had a small storage room that was not used for a long time, and now in its place is a cool spacious dressing room) This is very convenient when everything is in one place. You can see for yourself the photos of the wardrobe roomshttps://senator064.com/garderoby-cat/garderobnye-komnaty

Hi, I was doing repairs in the bathroom and the tile for us was an important topic.We chose a long time, so that the quality was good, the appearance is suitable and the price is budget. Got the storehttps://plitka-sdvk.ru/Rossiiskaya_plitka/Berezakeramika/�, they found a Russian tile, birch ceramics, which is ideal in all respects. Therefore, I recommend, who else in search;)

Well, in general, it seems to me that these styles are very similar to each other.

Well, by the way it is, it is very important about the materials, seriously

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And we have a design in the style of Provence - very easy, light and comfortable. Thought to do it yourself, but friends persuaded to seek help from the designers of Easy.http://legko.com/�. We thought for a long time, because we didn�t want to spend the extra money, but when you look at the repair in the apartment, you understand that we didn�t spend the money for nothing, we wouldn�t have thought of it ourselves.

how does it dance on the availability of building material? You can always order!

I agree, it is strange to build on the availability of building materials in stores

Good day to all! Recently there was a need for the delivery of metal. Now I wondered where the best prices? Reviewed a bunch of forums, reviews, people were interested in and most of all people link to the sitehttp://yugmet61.ru/ceny-metalloloma/�Are there people who used this site? If there is, then please leave a review in the comments, thanks in advance!)

Shelves recently needed to do in the living room.Only for some reason I wanted to make the shelves myself, so I bought boards, dowels, and got to work. Also anticipating the grinding and processing of wood, I'm herehttps://petrodual.ru/almaznyy-instrument/�purchased a diamond tool, as it is the best tool for processing wood.

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