Britney Spears took hold of herself and lost weight for a boyfriend

It seems that the days when Britney wanted to be a bad girl were left far behind. The 36-year-old singer is completely absorbed in the work on the new album, self-improvement and a stormy romance: during the shooting of the Slumber Party video last fall, she met Sam Asgari, a 24-year-old handsome mannequin, and has not parted with her beloved for a minute. Britney is easy to understand: Sam looks like the perfect man, consisting entirely of cubes and muscles, and constantly flashes on the covers of sports magazines - in addition to modeling, he is interested in bodybuilding and works as a personal fitness trainer. And, unlike the former spouse of Britney Kevin Federline, she only has a positive effect on her friend: after many years, when Britney indulged, she had a strong incentive to take care of her appearance and health.

Yesterday, the singer posted pictures in instagram, in which the progress of such activities is noticeable to the naked eye.Even the cubes appeared on Britney's flat stomach! On the whole, she looks much more slender and taut than before: it seems that Sam, with all participation, does not make any concessions for her beloved. “Sam inspires me,” shared the singer. “With him, I feel happier than ever, and I want to work on myself.” And this is the main sign of love. ” Well, we agree. In the video of the Slumber Party, Sam, in the story, played the devil seduced by Britney, but in real life he looks more like a personal guardian angel ... Yes, and skipping workouts with such a boyfriend is the height of recklessness.

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