Books, about which everyone heard, but not all read

Few of us will admit that they have not mastered War and Peace, Chekhov is known only for theatrical productions, and Dog Heart, Dead Souls and Anna Karenina are adapted to screenings ... It's time to correct the situation. Finally, we will open the books that everyone has heard about, but did not have time to read for one reason or another.

"Doctor Zhivago", Boris Pasternak

Since the writer appears in an uncommitted but widely circulated quote "I have not read Pasternak, but I condemn ...", we suggest that we abandon such a course of thinking and form our own opinion about the novel about the difficult life of the Russian intelligentsia, which was written for ten years. And after reading, you can see the five-award-winning "Oscar" award of the same name by David Leen or the 11-episode film of Alexander Proshkin.

"Doctor Zhivago", Boris Pasternak

“The Name of the Rose”, Umberto Eco, and “To Kill a Mockingbird”, Harper Lee

Not having time to begin, 2016 deprived us of two classics of literature at once - Harper Lee and Umberto Eco did not become. The most worthy way to honor the memory of writers is to re-read or get acquainted with their books for the first time.

About the novel "To Kill a Mockingbird", who brought Harper Lee fame, one way or another everyone heard. But it is worth reading, because the Pulitzer Prize just does not give. For in-depth study of the issue, it will be necessary to study the continuation in 2015, "Go and put the watchman."

“Kill a Mockingbird”, Harper Lee

Undoubtedly, the most famous book by Umberto Eco is the detective novel “The Name of the Rose”. This name should have been in the attention zone of everyone. But admit to yourself, did you read it? Do not utter a negative answer out loud, but simply take time and solve the riddle of the monk’s murder in the Benedictine monastery in 1327.

"The Name of the Rose", Umberto Eco

"Planet Water", Boris Akunin

In this case, I would like to remind you not about a specific book, but about the writer himself. Boris Akunin's Fandorinsky cycle once became so popular that the subway cars resembled a library, where everyone (or through one) was given passengers a black-and-white book. As time went. Readers, once immersed in this world, have grown fond of this syllable, keep him loyal and regularly replenish bookshelves with different genres of Akunin's authorship. However, there are those who only heard, saw, but did not look inside these stories.It is time to stop being just an outside witness. You can begin your acquaintance with the book Planet Water, which was released in 2015 and, by the way, the extremely successful book, where three detective stories are waiting for attention.

"Planet Water", Boris Akunin

“Metro 2033”, Dmitry Glukhovsky

In 2005, the post-apocalyptic novel "Metro 2033" turned many to the head. Quite logically in four years a novel-sequel was published. But the topic turned out to be inexhaustible or inexhaustible: in 2015, readers lined up for the book “Metro 2035”, which unites the two previous stories. Of course, the topic is an amateur, but in order to criticize or understand such a stormy and non-abating attention to the texts of Glukhovsky through time, you still need to be patient and plunge into a world limited after the nuclear war with the size of the Moscow metro.

“Metro 2033”, Dmitry Glukhovsky

Sunstroke, Ivan Bunin

The name “Sunstroke” is widely heard, of course, thanks to the same-name adaptation of 2014, created by Nikita Mikhalkov. The loud name of the director did not allow to leave the picture without attention - they were discussing, criticizing, even literally everyone who was not too lazy compared to the original source. Did you read the story itself? More precisely, two stories, because the film version absorbed two texts of Bunin - the story "Sunstroke" and a series of essays "Cursed Days."Over time, the turbulence of opinion about the motion picture died down, we offer to anyone who has not read the classics, urgently correct the misunderstanding.

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