Bitch face: what lies behind the scornful expression on his face?

Specialists of the Noldus Information Technology research center decided to check whether people with a disdainful face (which even called resting bitch face) in life are dissatisfied with something or we just find fault with the poor who would like to smile, but they can not ... For purity of the experiment, the researchers "charged" all the work to the application FaceReader, and the results were amazing.

It turned out that the owners of the "eternally displeased person" are not such beeches as we think from the outside. "By comparing photos of celebrities who are often accused of gloominess, with pictures of people whose faces do not express special emotions, and also recognized" lucky ones "like Jennifer Aniston and Blake Lively, we can assure you that Kanye West, Anna Kendrick and Queen Elizabeth II experience as many negative emotions as everyone else, no more, no less, the center's employees shared their results. "They only seem bitchy, although in fact they can be relaxed and enjoy life."

Thus, once and for all we stop considering Victoria Beckham and Kristen Stewart as bards - they are simply stingy on emotions.

Bitch face: what lies behind the scornful expression on his face?

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