Bergamot in medicine and cosmetology

Since ancient times, the beneficial properties of bergamot have been identified. Essential oil made from the fruits, leaves and inflorescences of this plant is used for relaxing massages, soothing baths and used as a useful supplement.
Bergamot essential oil is an ideal ingredient for an aromatherapy procedure. Pleasant aroma has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, soothes the psyche and relieves stress. That is why experts recommend to use tea from bergamot for those who are prone to irritation, have a hot temper or are exposed to constant stressful situations.
Bergamot oil is also a remedy. It is used to heal wounds, scratches, abrasions and bruises. This substance is eaten for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory and digestive systems, as well as to eliminate the symptoms of a cold.
Cosmetology is another area of ​​application of bergamot oil.It is proved that due to the complex of nutrients, the tool is able to smooth fine wrinkles, tone up the skin, giving it a smooth, elastic and healthy appearance. Bergamot helps to get rid of skin irritations - rashes, acne and even herpes.
A very important point that everyone should remember - the essential oil of bergamot is highly concentrated, therefore, it should be used for any purpose only in diluted form. Otherwise, instead of a positive effect, burns can occur on the skin.

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