Beret - headdress for a real lady

Headdress - a great addition to the image. For example, taking, not only warm in cold winter, but also make you a real elegant lady. It is only important to choose the right beret and learn how to wear it.


A bit of history

The beret came to us from France, it was the refined French who became the first to wear such a headdress. But it is believed that initially he was part of the national Celtic costume.

Men's style

Then the military began to wear it (by the way, they still wear it). At some time, berets were available only to rich and distinguished people, but at the beginning of the last century they became an integral part of the wardrobe. It is noteworthy that both men and women can wear such a hat.

How to make a choice?

Modern solution

How to pick up beret? Here are the moments and details worth paying attention to:

  • Season. Yes, there are both warm knitted berets and light knitted or even summer ones. If you are a real fashionista, get several models for all seasons.
  • Where are you planning to go in such a headdress? If you need something casual and discreet, then choose models from medium-sized knit or knitwear. If you want to shine at a party, then get a model made of unusual fabric (for example, from velvet), decorated with rhinestones, sequins or embroidery. You will surely be the queen!
  • The size. Be sure to choose the size. Too small and narrow beret will squeeze the head, pull the hair and spoil the hairstyle. A big one, on the contrary, will fall and hang on your head like a bag. The beret should fit snugly enough to the head, but do not press it down (to check this, try placing two fingers under the edge).
  • Forms and styles. This moment is also very, very important. It is necessary to take into account the shape of the head and facial features. So, if you are a happy owner of an oval face and regular features, then choose classic models. Although you are suitable and any other. If you have a round face, choose medium size berets. If the face is long and thin, choose voluminous berets, but from light fabrics. This style will help make the face more rounded.
  • Colors. Versatile are white, black and gray, as well as beige.But this is not the limit. By choosing a bright beret, you can revive the image and refresh your face. But consider the color of skin and hair and remember that warm shades are best combined with the same warm, and cold - with cold. Also, do not forget to combine the color of the headdress with the colors of clothes and other accessories. You can choose tones of one scale, play on the contrast or choose safe and successful combinations of colors (blue and yellow, red and black and others). Take into account that the dark tones give the officiality and rigor to the image, and the bright ones refresh it.
  • Drawings and patterns. If you have small facial features, do not choose berets with large patterns, so you only exacerbate the situation. But the colorful models are also not worth choosing. But geometric or floral prints of medium size - what you need. If the features are large, you should choose a beret with a large pattern. Small patterns in this case are contraindicated.

How to wear?

It is fashionable

How to wear a female beret? You can do this in a variety of ways. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. If you have a round face, then move the beret as far as possible from the forehead and closer to the nape.In this case, it is better to leave the hair loose and frame their face.
  2. With a square face and clearly defined cheekbones, it is better to move the beard to one side so that it covers the forehead slightly.
  3. If you have a straight bang, and you put it on one side, pin it down and put it under your headdress. But it is better to open such a bang completely.
  4. A beret should not tightly cover his forehead, he can only cover him slightly.
  5. Ears must be partially or completely covered. If you decide to wear such a headdress to the side, then make sure that both ears are covered (one thing sticking out completely is ugly and absurdly).
  6. You should not move takes the back of the head, it looks ugly. And the headdress can just fall.
  7. If you moved takes back, then in windy weather, you can fasten it with a hairpin.
  8. The rear edge should always be located closer to the back of the head, and not under the crown or on it.
  9. It is not necessary to remove all the hair under the beret.
  10. Volume berets are best located as far as possible from the hairline.
  11. It is best to wear such a hat with flowing hair, but you can slide it to the side and at the same time make a tail from the other side or braid the braid.
  12. With an elongated face, it is better to slightly pull the beret onto the forehead so that the face becomes visually round. But the forehead should be covered only slightly, but not completely!
  13. If you have long hair - do not pull the beret too tight and make sure that he does not pinch the curls. If the hair is short, leave only the bangs (if not, move the beret back so that the hair is still visible).

What to combine?

It can be a bright accent.

What can you wear? Great variety of options:

  • The elegant light beret with embroidery perfectly complements the evening dress.
  • A classic coat will look perfect with a classic beret. Remember that black is official and white or beige is delicate and romantic.
  • Knitted volume beret is quite possible to combine with jeans, leggings, short skirts or shorts and even with a leather jacket. This model belongs to the casual style, so it can be used as a youth and everyday headdress.
  • Perfectly with berets look-fitting knitted dresses. Such an image will be very feminine and subtle.
  • With a fur coat, it will also look good.
  • Knitted beret can be worn with a down jacket.
  • Classic and elegant models are combined only with shoes with heels, for example, with shoes or with feminine boots. But knitted or crocheted youthful voluminous beret will be perfectly harmonious with shoes on a flat sole.
  • This headgear can be combined with a knitted or knitted cardigan. But make sure that the textures of the fabrics coincide as much as possible, that is, they take from a large mating will not look with a light knitted cardigan.
  • A jacket or jacket will also look good with a beret. But do not forget about the combination of styles.
  • Light summer berets are combined with light and gentle dresses and sarafans, as well as with tops, shirts and T-shirts.
  • This headpiece will look great with a scarf. And it is best to purchase a kit consisting of a beret, a scarf and gloves.
  • Brooch on the beret will look original.

Create your original image using the tips.

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