Beautiful and trendy ankle tattoos

A tattoo can have a special meaning, be a decoration or a tribute to fashion. In any case, if you decided to do it and chose an ankle as a placement, then find out which images are suitable.

Ankle Tattoo: Pros and Cons

It’s worth starting with the fact that a tattoo on the ankle can be considered universal, as it suits both girls and boys, depending on the particular picture chosen. And this is the first plus. The second advantage is that this part of the body is small and not striking, so the tattoo will not always be visible and attract attention.

In addition, if you wish, you can hide it with long jeans or trousers, shoes. The third plus is the sexuality that the tattoo on the ankle will give to the female. Drawing on this part of the body really looks interesting, attractive and feminine, which is clearly visible even in the photo.

Cons, too. The first is the discomfort that will arise during the first time after the procedure.In the cold season, the site is constantly exposed to friction due to wearing clothes or shoes, and in the warm season it may not be closed and, accordingly, exposed to dust, dirt and pathogenic microorganisms.

The second drawback is that the tattoo on the ankle will not work if you want to show the picture and stand out from the crowd: in normal situations the image will remain invisible and not eye-catching. With regard to pain during application, they depend on the individual characteristics of a particular person.

Interesting options

We offer interesting ideas and examples of a tattoo on the ankle:

  • Beautiful flowers will look attractive in this place. So, the lily personifies femininity and tenderness, the rose - waywardness, passion and beauty, dandelion - children's immediacy and naivety.
  • It is interesting to look at this part of the body stars, both single and fairly large, and small and scattered over a small area. They can be regarded as dreaminess, faith in the power of the universe, or glory and success.
  • Images of birds are ideal for girls, with the most diverse and having different symbols. For example, an owl is the wisdom and prudence of all decisions.Swallow - the desire for freedom, ease. Dove is a common symbol of peace. A small and cute hummingbird is considered an exotic bird, so it will allow you to bring some kind of zest to the image, to give it individuality.
  • Often used and various insects. So, the butterfly is usually perceived as a symbol of femininity, such images are often chosen by nature romantic, sometimes somewhat windy and frivolous. The dragonfly can have about the same meaning. A little ladybug can be endowed with a special meaning and personify love, faith in the best, vitality and energy.
  • The anchor is associated with the sea, but at the same time symbolizes a certain stability. On the ankle, it can be depicted together with a thin chain that will twist around the leg and look like an additional decoration.
  • In this zone, a small Celtic pattern will fit perfectly, but such tattoos are chosen by people who understand this subject and give images a special meaning long ago, so many people choose their choice consciously and responsibly, believing that a particular symbol can change life.
  • On this part of the body appropriate short inscriptions. They can be very different and communicate with certain events and people, regarded as creeds or life principles, or play the role of certain attitudes or mantras and bring good luck to their wearer.
  • For decoration, you can choose a beautiful pendant or pendant, located at the ankle level and hanging on a thin rope or a chain wrapped around the foot. And such a tattoo can perform the functions of an amulet, if you treat responsibly to the choice of the image.
  • Four-leaf clover is a symbol of good luck, which will bring luck and success in everything.
  • Reptiles are often depicted on the ankles, for example, small lizards.
  • A girl can choose a bracelet as a delicate jewelry.
  • The original, beautiful and romantic tattoo is a feather that symbolizes lightness, power and strength, free flight, courage and purity.
  • An interesting option - the image of a fairy, elf or another fairy creature or character.
  • Key. This tattoo can be perceived as unavailability. To the carrier of such a pattern you need to find an approach, pick up the key.
  • Connoisseurs of Japanese or Chinese culture can use the hieroglyphs, having previously studied the meaning of signs.
  • The bow will be a romantic and lovely decoration for a female leg.

It remains to make a choice and decide on a tattoo.

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