Beadwork for beginners: making animals

Beadwork for beginners: animal schemesIt is not difficult to make crafts out of beads even for beginners, but perseverance and patience are required. Bracelets, brooches, flowers and a wide variety of animals can be made from multicolored beads. Products can be a wonderful decoration of the interior or clothing, as well as an exclusive gift for friends and relatives.

Bead weaving for beginners: technology

Technique weaving crafts from beads, there are quite a lot. The easiest way is knotted weaving. This technique is used most often for weaving beads, but you can also use it for making animals. Its essence lies in the fact that after stringing a bead each time a knot is tied, which fixes the elements in one place and gives the product flexibility.
It is most convenient to weave animals from beads with the help of stringing. This technique is ideal for creating souvenirs and decoration items. It is better to begin to master this method using large beads.For stringing it is better to choose thick threads of cotton or flax. In this case, the needle should choose a thin one so that it easily passes into the hole of the bead.
Beadwork for beginners: animal schemes
When weaving with beads beginners should carefully monitor the tension of the thread. If it is too strong, the beads will fall unevenly, and the animal will have an irregular, curved shape. With a weak tension, the form will not hold at all, and the thread will be visible between the beads.
Still there is a technique of sewing. Most often it is used for decorating things. In this case, the beads can alternate with colored threads, rhinestones, buttons, ribbons, ribbons, sequins.

Bead weaving for beginners: animal patterns

Before weaving from animal beads, you need to stock up with the following materials:

  • fine wire;
  • strong scissors;
  • scheme of weaving a particular animal;
  • beads of the right colors.

The wire is better to choose in the color of the animal, because in some places it can be noticeable. In the middle of the wire you need to strung three beads, and then change the ends in some places. The left end of the wire should be on the right, and the right - on the left.Thus the basis of the future animal of the necessary length is woven. Bottom and back weave about the same, only given a different shape. Paws and tails are always made separately, and then attached to the base with wire or plastic glue. So that everything will work out correctly when weaving with beads, we cannot do without schemes for beginners.

Bead weaving for beginners with animal patterns: Crocodile

For crocodile weaving you will need:

  • 1.75 m of fine green wire or fishing line;
  • packing yellow beads;
  • packing green beads;
  • three black beads for eyes and nose.

Beadwork for beginners: animal schemes
An animal made from beads is woven using parallel techniques. The line or wire must be folded in half, while in the middle you need to leave a black bead-nose. Further stringing should be carried out according to the scheme. If a fishing line is used, it must be taut. Each row must be distributed and laid separately; as a result, the crocodile will be three-dimensional, two-layered. After doing all the work on the scheme, it is necessary to tighten the fishing line well and tie a strong knot. The remaining ends must be hidden: in their own direction, each refuels in the next beads.
Beadwork for beginners: animal schemes

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