Basics of simple baby fitness

After giving birth, young mothers often do not have the opportunity, as it should, to do their own body and physical condition, because a small child in her arms takes almost all his free time.

It turns out that it remains only to put up with hope and hope that someday, in a ghostly future, you will find an opportunity to regain your former form? Absolutely not necessary! All modern mothers have long tried themselves popular today baby-fitness, which allows you to train and, at the same time, not to depart a child, because your classes will be held together!

What are we talking about?

Of course, the time of pregnancy, as well as the childbirth itself, is not an easy period for every woman, because during this time there is a serious restructuring of the body, and both moral and physical.

During the carrying of the baby, all serious loads are prohibited, so it is not surprising that as soon as the young mommy begins to feel more or less stronger, the desire to gradually bring her body into order wakes up.

Experts say that after natural childbirth, you can engage in physical exercise from the first weeks, after a cesarean section, of course, you should take care, at least one month. The simplest thing you can do during the recovery period is to make long walks with a stroller at a good pace.

Once the baby is 3 months old, you can try to join the joint baby-fitness, the foundations of which are outlined in this article. Such exercises will not only give the young mother a tangible burden and benefit, but also make your baby happy, because the whole process, to a greater extent, is perceived by him as a game in which he receives a lot of attention.

The advantage of such physical education is the fact that it not only allows the young mother to gradually improve her physical condition, but also the condition of the baby, for whom movement and physical activity is one of the aspects that affect its full development.

When the child moves, the blood supply improves, the muscles and ligaments as well as the musculoskeletal system strengthen, he becomes more confident in himself and his body, he cognizes the world more quickly.

Safety regulations

All this, of course, is just fine, and I must say that abroad, baby-fitness has been successfully practiced by young mummies for a long time, but it has come to us relatively recently. If you decide to try something similar, it is very important not to forget the basic safety rules, so that your joint exercises bring only joy without any harm to the health of the baby and mom.

In the process, be sure to follow the baby’s reaction: if he starts crying, shouting and showing his whole appearance that he doesn’t like this kind of physical culture, then his mother needs to stop immediately.

If you are very much afraid that during the training you can drop a child, you can get a sling for these purposes, which will allow you to exercise, firmly securing your favorite child to yourself. In order for a child to enter such trainings gradually, it is better to start with something simple and short, for example, dancing.

Just turn on the dance music that is not very loud, be sure to remove all extraneous objects from the floor so as not to stumble upon them in motion, and begin to move. In the process of the baby, you can slightly pop up, twist, sing songs and small couplets to him, while controlling your own breathing.

The ideal time for training is a few hours after lunch, and for a baby about 40 minutes after the last feeding.

Remember that classes with children who have not even reached half a year should not include too harsh and complex movements - they easily scare the baby. Do not forget the first time to support his head, and do not try too zealous.

Increase the load gradually, to start the number of repetitions of one exercise should not exceed 10 times, then more - 15-20. By the way, it must be said that occupations with the baby are positive also by the fact that its weight increases gradually every day, which contributes to a smooth weighting and an effective load of muscles. Contraindications to the employment of baby fitness can be a poor state of health of the baby or the mother (dizziness, headaches, etc.).

Joint exercises for a beautiful figure

Chest, arms, back.

  • After a little warm-up, start with the first exercise. To do this, stand up straight, spread your legs slightly, take the baby under the armpits and begin lifting it up and down to the level of the chest, while keeping your elbows from your body.If you do the exercise on fully extended arms, you can well pump up the pectoral muscles.
  • We put on our backs, lift the baby on the exhale above ourselves and continue to lower-raise like a barbell. With each lowering, you can smack the crumbs in the nose to make it more fun.

Legs, buttocks.

  • The simplest thing is ordinary squats with a baby in her arms. In order not to worry, it is better to fix it in a “kangaroo” on yourself. Older children can be planted on the neck, firmly holding the legs. Squat for 2-5 minutes, over time, increasing the duration.
  • We sit down on a chair, keep our back as straight as possible. We cross the legs and sit the child on them, holding them by the handles. Now just rock it up and down, like on a swing.
  • Exercise bridge, only with a slight adjustment. We lay on the back, legs bend at the knees and set on the width of the shoulders. We sit the baby on the belly, press the press and on the exhale we pull the buttocks off the floor as high as possible.


  • We sit down on the floor, in front of us sit down the child (you can just lay a small one). We bend the legs in the logs, hands in front of us and start, straining the muscles of the press, slowly lowering.Rising, we stretch our hands to the child, trying to kiss him.
  • From the prone position, we raise and lower straight legs, with the baby sitting on his stomach, the abdominal muscles should be in constant tension.
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