Basic principles of a gluten free diet

Human health, of course, affects the quality of his life. Therefore, diets are created that help normalize the processes occurring in the body. The dietician's profession is becoming more popular, because there is even a fashion for diets. However, nutritionists themselves are of the opinion that strict dietary restrictions should be dictated by the presence of the corresponding disease.

For example, a gluten-free diet helps people with gluten intolerance, and for others it does not have any particular benefit, because the complete exclusion from the diet of products with the content of this substance is undesirable.

Sometimes, restrictions in the use of gluten-containing foods by people who do not suffer from celiac disease, have the effect of reducing weight. Due to this quality, diet is popular in many countries, including ours.

Familiarity with the substance

The diet assumes a complete exclusion from the diet of foods containing gluten (gluten).It is a complex protein found in many cereals - wheat, oats, rye. The second name of the substance indicates an adhesive consistency, allowing it to be added to a large number of foods.

For those who have intolerance, the presence of gluten in the intestine contributes to the violation of absorbability of nutrients. Despite good nutrition, the body loses vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which produces diseases. The weight decreases, the condition of a skin and a hair covering, structure of a blood worsens.

For everyone else, the presence of gluten in the diet is not harmful, and reducing its use leads to weight loss. Determine who will be helped, and make a rational diet can only be a specialist, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism and the purpose.

Fundamental rules

The main principles of the diet are to completely eliminate the harmful substance from the diet. Dietitians have ambiguous opinions regarding oats, as a gluten-free cereal with impurities. Products from pure oats are marked in the form of a special sign and can be eaten.Products strictly forbidden in a gluten-free diet:

  • wheat, rye and oat bread and bakery products;
  • macaroni, flour from the listed cereals;
  • semolina;
  • soy sauce and chips;
  • alcohol;
  • instant coffee and Coke;
  • drugs containing starch;
  • other

When buying a product, you should carefully study its content, due to the prevalence of gluten as a component in many products. The exclusion of the above products from the diet does not make food limited in nutrients and not tasty, we will prove the recipes suggested in the article.

Advantages, disadvantages and limitations

What additional advantages of the diet allow it to be successful among a large number of people?

  1. Observing a gluten-free diet is good for allergies. It reduces the incidence of allergies and is included in the recommended list of dermatologists for people who have been diagnosed with allergic dermatitis.
  2. The diet brings a cleansing effect, contributing to the elimination of toxins accumulated over the years from the body.
  3. Diet food is varied, balanced.It allows you to saturate the body with all vitally important vitamins, minerals, minerals.
  4. It does not tend to have a strong feeling of hunger, in contrast to other dietary regimens.
  5. As a result of using a home diet in the diet, the purchased harmful products from fast food will disappear from the diet. This will add a healing effect. The possibility of eating hidden gluten will be minimized.

Of course, like all diets, this one also has disadvantages, which we will list below.

  1. A gluten-free diet is classified as expensive, since it is difficult to find a worthy substitute for those common products that need to be excluded.
  2. The store chain does not abound with ready gluten-free products, they have to be prepared independently.
  3. The possibility of visiting catering for patients with celiac disease is minimized. Unfortunately, the presence of the necessary menu for them can boast a few places.

Special contraindications are absent. This diet was created for therapeutic purposes and a certain category of people, which is worth remembering. If you decide to use it for weight loss, then there is no guarantee that,that the desired result will be achieved. Maybe the success lies not in limiting the products, but in limiting the sizes of portions?


According to statistics from the World Health Organization, celiac disease is diagnosed to one percent of the world's population. The disease occurs regardless of gender and race. The signs of gluten intolerance are numerous and diverse, making it difficult to make a diagnosis. They can manifest themselves in the form of dermatological problems, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, infertility or not the bearing of the fetus. What else is fraught with disease for children and adults?

Severe symptoms of the manifestation of the disease can be lupus and other autoimmune diseases. In rare cases, celiac disease provokes mental or physical retardation varying in severity. Immunological studies on the detection of antibodies to gliadin suggest celiac disease, followed by a biopsy of the intestine for an accurate diagnosis. His confirmation entitles him to disability.

Only a gluten-free diet at this time gives positive results in the treatment of the disease, with the condition of its lifelong observance.We hope that scientific research in this field of medicine will allow us to find new successful methods of treatment.

Power Examples

Specialists have developed a recipe for the preparation of a therapeutic menu, which is not at all difficult, given the possibility of eating during a diet:

  • soups using lean meat for broth;
  • boiled chicken eggs;
  • steamed, boiled or baked meat;
  • fruits with berries;
  • milk porridge from rice and buckwheat;
  • dairy, fermented milk products;
  • honey, jelly, tea;
  • butter and vegetable oils.

We offer some recipes that help to follow a diet without compromising health and taking into account taste preferences. Many of them have exquisite taste and attractive appearance.

  1. Vegetables in the oven. You will need 400 grams of pumpkin (zucchini), one sweet potato and one red onion, two bell peppers, three potatoes. All cut and mix. Then mix two tablespoons of rosemary and vinegar (wine, balsamic), a spoonful of thyme, 50 grams of olive oil, salt, pepper. Pour the mixture of vegetables, put them in a mold and bake in the oven.
  2. Cottage cheese casserole with condensed milk.Three eggs beat into a foam and put condensed milk in one jar, add a pound of cottage cheese, salt, two tablespoons of starch and mix. Put in shape and bake until blush. It is possible in a slow cooker.

How does a gluten-free diet? First of all, as a method of treating celiac disease. And only in the second, how to get rid of excess weight. Despite its harmlessness in general, it may not be necessary to completely limit yourself to products from wheat, rye and oats. There are many other effective ways to lose weight, including physical activity.

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