Balenciaga back crocots

Paris, fashion week and rubber crocs - who would have thought that all this can be used in one sentence? Odious fashion brand Balenciaga is not the first time surprised everyone with reminiscences from the recent past: the plush costumes, the fan sweatshirts, and now the crocs. Almost the same as in your country house, but only brought to the absurd by designer Balenciaga Demna Gvasalia: on a huge platform and with children's stickers.

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The reaction of the Internet was not long in coming. Dailymail recalled that even some time ago, going out into the streets in Kroks equated to "fashionable suicide." But it was before, and now Salma Hayek (by the way, in a sweatshirt) and Anna Dello Russo applaud in the first row of the Croxes. Opinions of commentators were divided: someone said that it was “terrible” and “disgusting”, and someone congratulated designer Balenciaga for not being afraid to make such bold decisions, to destroy borders and to issue such unexpected decisions to the world.

By the way, Gvasalia is not the first designer who works together with the Crocs team. Prior to him, the British Christopher Kane painted rubber slippers with prints under a zebra and marble, decorated with pompons and crystals, and even in his defense claimed that Crocs are almost the most comfortable shoes in the world, despite the fact that many call her terrifying . Its uniqueness, according to Kane, in childish naivety, causing a positive impression.

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In an interview with Vogue, Demna Gvasalia continued to assure the public that this is almost the best footwear in the world: "This is an innovative pair, light and made of polyurethane foam, and this modern technique of footwear production is what we want for Balenciaga." In addition, the designer promises that in the future with the massive distribution of 3D printers, everyone can afford to decorate this shoe with handicrafts to your liking. American chef and restaurateur Mario Batali has already joked about this topic: he promised that he would throw out his Yeezy sneakers from Kanye West and now will cook in Crocs, and laid out his photo in orange rubber slippers in confirmation.

But not everyone responds to this invention with humor. Someone has already managed to blame Gvasalia for the fact that it is because of the promotion of such ugly things that fashion is losing its aesthetic appeal. And there is some truth in this: becoming a victim of mania stand out, the modern fashion industry surprises for the most part with everyday platitudes: Dolce & Gabbana has peppers with eggplants, Moschino has cardboard boxes, Balenciaga has rubber rubber slippers.

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