Bad advice, or 7 ways to get revenge on your ex

Find the password to his social networks

You were close and probably know what words he used for the password (and you can try standard codes like Qwerty12). Play a guessing game, and if the burglary succeeds, then you will have two options to choose from: either rush to read his correspondence about you and check if it was so true, or (but this is already fun!) To start writing on his behalf to everyone in a row everything that comes to mind. Stop, there is also a third option: to start downloading pages with blunt video and post porn on the main page. Girls, there's plenty to choose from!

Bad advice, or 7 ways to get revenge on your ex

Flirt with one of his friends.

There is nothing more unpleasant than realizing that your ex-girlfriend has now screwed up an affair with your friend. The complexity of this method lies in the fact that you need to choose someone who is not too advocating for male solidarity, and the cunning idea that your intrigue may not succeed, and their friendship will be destroyed.

Register on his behalf on the dating site

After all, you have suitable photos for this (including his half-naked selfies and posturing antics on the background of the New Year tree) and all his contacts are available. For this purpose, it is better to choose not modern mobile applications like Tinder, namely dating sites with a huge attendance, which are used by the most bizarre personalities. And may he also be among them!

Bad advice, or 7 ways to get revenge on your ex

Sign it for spam

Remember if he had any problem that particularly hurt him. For example, difficulty with erection, lack of willpower to stop smoking, or insomnia. Remind him of this by subscribing him to the thematic sites that every day will hit the sore spot with a letter with the subject “Can't you sleep again?” Or “5 ways to help you last longer in bed.”

Decorate his car

For this purpose, you can simply take a color tape or not be greedy and order a few stickers with your chosen inscription (how about “Behind the wheel of a small member”?), Sticking them in the morning on the windows of the car. Oh, he will tear off the “pen” for a very long time, then remove the traces of glue, be late for work ... and maybe even be fired.

Bad advice, or 7 ways to get revenge on your ex

Spoil his first date

Do you know where he will bring his passion for the first romantic dinner? Then go there, catch the waiter and, pointing to your ex, ask him to tell him that his wife is very worried and has been waiting for him on the street for about an hour, because you agreed to have dinner at the same restaurant.

Pretend to be pregnant

Finally - a little tin. Ask your pregnant girlfriend to pass a pregnancy test for you, and then just leave this thing with two chopsticks on the dining table when you pick up things. For at least three days, do not pick up the phone, do not respond to SMS and just enjoy how he suffers.

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