Autumn is time to collect leaves. 25 fascinating photo ideas

Autumn is a truly magical time. And not only for romantics, but also for those who like to work with their hands. This season provides us with a lot of natural materials that, with a share of imagination and patience, can be turned into beautiful crafts, applications or decorations for the home. When walking along the park strewn with fallen leaves, you will have the opportunity to spend time not only pleasantly, but also with benefit: by collecting an armful of beautiful leaves, you can simply put them in a vase and try to turn it into something unusual.

In addition, schools and kindergartens are often given the task of making an article made from leaves - and this is an excellent occasion to take a walk with the child in the fresh air, collecting the gifts of autumn.

We have collected for you 25 ideas of crafts from fallen leaves, cones, acorns and nuts, which will give you many unforgettable minutes spent with the children.

1. First, let's try to make a butterfly from autumn leaves.This simple option is suitable even for the smallest. The only thing you first need to dry and straighten the leaves, a day by placing them between the pages of books or under any other press.


3. This unusual snail can be made from leaves of different colors and shapes.


5. By applying a shaped hole punch for paper or cardboard to fallen leaves, you can get a truly magical result!


7. A special homely atmosphere of autumn will help create candles. With the help of glass jars, leaves and ribbons for decoration, you can fill the house with comfort and warmth.


9. In autumn chestnuts are soaked under their feet. Give the child a fantasy, drawing on them funny faces of people or animals - be sure, the child will be impossible to tear off this occupation!


11. Having made such a nice hedgehog, you will ensure a good mood for yourself and your baby for the whole day.


13. A variety of colors and shapes of fallen leaves open room for fantasy. Collect the whole zoo with your child - for him it will be a totally fabulous experience!


15. This idea is suitable not only for children, but also to decorate a gift for an adult or as an element of decor.


17.With the help of fallen leaves, you can create your own autumn landscapes. To do this, it will be enough to put paint on one side of the sheet, and then press it to the paper. Feel like a master of painting, without making any effort for this!


19. Do not be afraid to experiment with materials. For example, to create such a tree, you have to take scissors and cut the leaves into small pieces. Draw the tree trunk with watercolor, let it dry, and then glue the sliced ​​leaves on its branches.


21. A little bit of glue, plasticine, fantasy and magic - and ordinary acorns turn into a miniature set for tea drinking or fairy-tale characters!


23. And from cones and scrap materials for crafts you can create a whole fairy-tale world with your child!


25. For those who want to show their creative abilities, there are more difficult options. To begin with, you will need to draw a female silhouette, and then paste the leaves in such a way that one color smoothly changes into the other. This will create a volume effect. To achieve it will have to work hard, but the end result will not be ashamed to hang on the wall or put in a frame!

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