Apricot puree for children

The benefits of apricot - not a myth, but a real fact. Growing children's body must receive vitamins throughout the year. And where to get them? Of course, in apricot. Apricot contains many beneficial vitamins, including phosphorus and magnesium. It has a beneficial effect on the development of the human brain and improves the development of the skeletal system. Due to the high content of vitamin A, apricot is able to improve eyesight. To prepare a healthy fruit for your child for the winter, you can make apricot juice, puree, or make drying. Consider the method of preparing apricot puree. For the preparation you will need 6 kg apricot. Even ripe apricots are suitable for mashed potatoes. Cooking process:
1. Prepare apricot. Fruits must be well washed and stoned. From 6 kg of whole apricots you get a full 8-liter bucket with a pile of fruit without a bone.
 apricot bucket
2.Using a blender, beat apricots until a homogeneous slurry.
 Apricot puree for children
Apricots in a blender bowl must be poured in small amounts for a good whipping.
Apricot puree for children
3. Cooking cans. While the apricot is being processed, it is necessary in parallel to do the sterilization of the cans. To do this, alternately put the banks over the ferry until the moment when the steam leaves the cans. Dry banks set aside until the right moment. 4. The resulting puree gradually merge into one container. After processing all the apricot leaves 5 liters of mashed potatoes. 5. We put the container with apricot puree on the fire and give it time to boil.
 cook mashed potatoes
6. After the mash boils, reduce the heat on the stove. Give mashed potatoes for 15 minutes. In the process of cooking should constantly remove the foam. 7. Boiled mashed potatoes begin to roll. Pour apricot puree into prepared jars and roll them. 8. We turn over the jar with mashed potatoes, put them on the lid.Thus, we deal with all banks.
 Apricot puree for children
9. We wrap the jars with mashed warm blankets and leave them for 3 days. Banks must cool down completely. 10. Then we put the finished puree into the cellar.
 Apricot puree for children
All preservation, intended for children's use, cannot be stored for more than a year. Therefore, each can of preservation should be marked, indicating the year of closure. When preserving sugar is better not to add. It can be added before use. Sugar is well replaced with honey. In this case, mashed potatoes will bring even more benefits to the child.

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