Apollo and Seraphim: the unusual names of the children of Russian stars

Seraphim and Monica, Apollo and Lyubava, Elvis and Aurora ... Read interesting stories about how our celebrities select names for sons and daughters!

Matthew Melnikov (rapper Mot): son Solomon

Photo: @ mmott23

The artist became the father for the first time: his wife, model Maria Melnikova,. Moth then posted a video clip dedicated to the birth of the baby. Now happy parents are already rolling around Europe with their little son. Which gave a rare biblical name - Solomon.

Irena Ponaroshku: son Seraphim

Photo: @irenaponaroshku

In one of her interviews, TV presenter Irena Ponaroshku admitted that she and her husband had no disputes about how to name their son, the name came to them both by itself. And initially it was proposed by her grandmother. True, in a slightly different context: she always liked the name of Seraphim. But long before the ultrasound, Irena had a premonition that there would be a boy. And so the Seraphim appeared.

Victoria Bonya: daughter Angelina Letitia

Photo: @victoriabonya

TV presenter Victoria Boni with a choice of a name for a daughter also has a very interesting background. Even as a child, she and her older sister Angelina agreed that they would call their daughters each other's names. So it happened. Only Bonia, while still married to Alex Smerfit, changed the Russian version of Angelina to West Angelina, and added the second French name Leticia to her.

At home, Victoria calls her girl Angelica.

Alsou: daughters Safina and Mikel, son Raphael

Photo: @alsou_a

The singer Alsou was born in a Tatar family, so she has a very unusual name for our country, which, by the way, translates as “rose water”. It is not surprising that a celebrity with her husband Jan Abramov came up with a name for her children. Safina's eldest daughter is Alsou's maiden name, but with emphasis on the second syllable. This name was invented for baby Yang as a token of gratitude to Alsou for changing her maiden name to his. But for the middle daughter of Mikella, they picked up the name together: they read a lot of literature and searched for a beautiful rare name. Well, they managed to surprise!

Two years ago, Alsou became a mother for the third time. Why she called her son Raphael is unknown. And it seems that mother of many children does not want to explain this.

Dasha Zhukova: son Aaron Alexander, daughter Leia

Photo: @dasha_zhukova_fp
Photo: @dasha_zhukova_fp

The founder of the Museum of Contemporary Art "Garage" in Moscow and the beloved businessman Roman Abramovich Daria Zhukova came up with the eldest son a double name. The first, as sources close to her say, she took from the Bible, and the second gave in honor of her father.

For her daughter, Daria also chose the interesting Hebrew name of Leah. Also the way, by the way, was the name of the princess in Star Wars.

Roman Abramovich from his marriage with the former stewardess Irina has five more children: Anna, Arkady, Sophia, Arina and Ilya.

Philip Kirkorov: daughter Alla Victoria, son Martin

Photo: @martinkirkorov

The pop-king of Russian pop music Philip Kirkorov named his daughter in honor of two beloved women: the former wife of Alla Pugacheva and mother, who left early life, Victoria. In all the interviews, he does not abbreviate the name Alla-Victoria, and at home he appeals to the girl - Alusia affectionately.

The name of the son of the singer - Martin - may also seem quite original. But in fact, in Bulgaria (where Philip came from) this name is very common.

Christina Orbakaite: daughter Claudia

Singer Kristina Orbakaite admitted to the show of Andrey Malakhovthat she named her daughter in honor of the idol of her family, Claudia Shulzhenko. In addition, she liked how this name sounds in the Western style - Claudia. Especially since they live with their spouse Mikhail Zemtsov in two countries - Russia and the United States.

Kristina has two sons: Nikita from her first husband Vladimir Presnyakov and Dany from her second husband Ruslan Baysarov.

Catherine Vilkova: daughter Pavel, son Peter

Photo: @oldkavilochka
Photo: @oldkavilochka
Photo: @oldkavilochka

Actress Ekaterina Vilkova, oddly enough, named her daughter in honor of the heroine of the series “Palm Sunday,” which she played back in 2010. Apparently, the actress liked the image of the brave girl from the cinema. Fortunately, the husband actor Ilya Lyubimov was not against it.

The son of a star couple called Peter, also a rather rare name for our time.

Natalya Vodyanova: Neva's daughter

Photo: @natasupernova

Supermodel Natalya Vodyanova with ex-husband Justin Portman named their daughter after the Russian Neva River, on the banks of which they were married. Only the stress in the girl's name is placed on the first syllable.

Natalia also has four sons: Lukas and Victor from marriage with Portman, as well as Maxim and Roman from the current boyfriend Antoine Arno.

Lyubov Tikhomirova: daughter Lyubava

Photo: @dolubvi

Lyubov Tikhomirova said that her husband conductor choirmaster Laszlo Dolinski dreamed that her daughter's name was consonant or similar to the name of the wife, that is, to her name. At the same time, the actress wanted the girl's name to sound beautiful with the homeland of Laslovna. As a result, the spouses, going through all the female names, settled on the Old Russian name Lyubava. And so Lyubava Laslovna was born.

Sasha Zvereva: daughter Vasilisa, sons Leo and Makar

Photo: @sashazvereva
Photo: @sashazvereva

The ex-soloist of the group “Demo” also chose old-fashioned names for children, which since the beginning of the 90s have all forgotten a little. So, from her first marriage with a banker Ilya, Vasilisa and Makar were born to her, from her second, with DJ Dmitry Almazov, her son Leo.

By the way, Sasha, despite being busy with three children, actively leads Instagram, where she shares with the subscribers secrets of beauty, health and motherhood. Some tips from Zvereva readHERE.

Katie Topuria: daughter Olivia

The vocalist of the group "A-Studio" Katie Topuria always distinguished originality. Not surprisingly, she, choosing a name for her daughter, wanted to distinguish herself from her friends and colleagues in show business. The name Olivia has Latin roots and meaning, as it is easy to guess, olive.

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