Plans for apartments of famous TV shows

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Television has penetrated the hearts and homes of billions of people around the world, and even for those who don’t consider themselves fans ofTV shows, the popularity of particular comedies is too hard to ignore, but you would like to enter rooms these many favorite characters? One Spanish interior designer allowed viewers to peek into each room of famous humorous characters.Inaki Alistecreated these small drawings of film sets in his spare time. His skill and attention to detail amazes him.

Visualization of plans is usually a project in its infancy and is necessary when trying to comprehend internal spaces, butAlisteendowed them with a completely different function, they give sentimentality ... nostalgia. They exist in the mind and on his page, as something other than functional ... they are inspirational. It is a great honor to be able to view retrospectively such visited cloisters in a format usually reserved for future design. Thus, they serve as a link in the past ... of memory.

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