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Hey there! My name is Annabel, but I prefer the nickname Annie. I was born with a form of Cerebral Palsy, called hemiplegia, and a hip condition called DDH. I have had multiple surgeries to try and correct my dislocated hip, but this has been made challenging from the weaker muscles due to my hemiplegia. After a failed surgery I had when I was 7, I was diagnosed with chronic pain, a condition that leaves me in constant pain that never goes away no matter what I do to treat it.

After finding out that chronic pain was not talked about or heard of very much, I decided to join wikiHow, to share my knowledge and past experiences that I thought may help people out there with the same conditions as me, but also to spread awareness.

Since joining wikiHow on 4th August 2019, I have been welcomed into the welcoming team, which I find very rewarding as I know my friendly tone is helping new users find their way around the site. I hope to become part of the NAB team and become a Featured Author, and maybe become an Admin some day in the future.

If you have any questions about me, or the wiki, please feel free to leave me a message on my talk page or send me an email from the link at the top of my user page!

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