Do you have old magazines? Great, you can make a wonderful decor out of them.

If you have strayed old magazines, do not rush to throw them away. Of these, you can get wonderful fluffy peonies, which, gathered in one bulk bouquet or alone, will decorate any celebration and become just a wonderful decor for your home! Efforts will require the very minimum, as well as a set of materials.

For “journal peonies”, prepare:

  • magazines;
  • triple scissors;
  • adhesive tape or tape;
  • thin wooden skewers (for barbecue);
  • colored tape or green adhesive tape.

Begin to create!

1. Choose bright pages from a magazine, tear them out. Fold the pages in half, then each of the resulting sides again in half.

2. Using triple scissors, make cuts, but not completely. You can use the usual, but then the process will take a little more time.

3. Take a skewer, stick adhesive tape to it and start spinning the flower.

4.Upon completion of the twisting, take a little more adhesive tape and wrap the stem and base of the flower with it to fix it well. From the top stick a colored tape.

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