And do you love the jute twine, as I love it? The amazing works of Vera Pushina

What is jute twine? The rope, you say, and be right.
It is used in agriculture, banks, for dressing postal parcels and food products.
Of course, many masters use twine to decorate their products, especially in eco-style. But the real shock to me were the work of Vera Pushina.

Talented artist Vera Pushin makes of it amazing things: lampshades for lamps, caskets, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, panels and even a watch!

Vera Pushina graduated from the Kungur branch of the FSBEI HPE "MGHPA them. S.G. Stroganov ”in the specialty of the jeweler, and began to be engaged in jute weaving not so long ago. Her first job in the new technique was performed in 2012. This technique was named jute filigranium.
This art is the creation of jute and glue of incredibly beautiful products and decor items.

The basis of the work is taken one of the stages of a set of classical filigree made of metal.The jute rope resembles in its form a metal filigree, only larger. In combination with glue, jute acquires such rigidity that large products are not deformed and retain their appearance for years. A large openwork perfectly visible and close and at a distance. Excellent material for creativity, which can be bought at any hardware store.

Let's admire this beauty together.

That is such an amazing technique of this amazing wizard.

Jute twine is surprisingly plastic, warm and sincere material.
They make amazing toys out of it, spin macrame, knit wonderful rugs.

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