Aluminum cassette ceiling - all about its benefits

There are plenty of options to make the ceiling even and attractive today, but will they really please everyone with their original quality for a long period? This is not entirely true, because, for example, the same popular mounted structures begin to sag, and over time they become very vulnerable to mechanical damage.

Aluminum ceilings appeared on the market relatively recently, but even in this relatively short time have become popular and in demand. Such trends have contributed the following clear advantages:


  1. Multifunctionality: this type of ceilings can be used in residential buildings, sales areas, swimming pools, car dealerships and other personal and public spaces.


  1. Aluminum systems simply perfectly hide absolutely any irregularities, including even very significant recesses, which allows significant savings on the maintenance of the room.


  1. These ceilings are made in a huge number of colors and in addition they can be applied to any pattern. Thus, the aluminum cassette design will fit perfectly into any interior, emphasizing its elegance and originality.


  1. Suchaluminum cassette ceilingsthey differ favorably not only in ease of installation, but also in that the fastening system itself remains hidden. The cassette is very tight to one another without visible cracks and gaps.


  1. Exceptionally long service life. It is amazing, but at the expense of high-quality metal and specific coating, such constructions can last for more than thirty years without losing their not only functionality, but also their visual appeal.


  1. Aluminum ceilings are completely resistant to mechanical damage and are not subject to corrosion. In the period of prolonged use, their saturated color does not change and does not burn out.


  1. Excellent hygienic characteristics: the ceiling is absolutely not affected by mold, it is not adversely affected by high humidity.


  1. Easy to clean: this type of ceiling can be washed with any non-abrasive surface cleaner.


  1. Fireproof aluminum ceilings due to their high fire resistance.This allows them to be mounted in areas with high fire and explosion hazards.


  1. Aluminum ceilings are eco-friendly, guaranteed that their use will not harm human health.

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