All the secrets of the jewelry brand in the movie "Mad About Tiffany"

How about breaking the diet a bit: buy a croissant, take away coffee and go to breakfast with Tiffany? No, not on Fifth Avenue, and not at five in the morning - our plan is more realistic, we suggest you to go to, where on June 2, the screening of Matthew Mille’s documentary “Talking About Tiffany” will begin. The tape tells the story of how, in 1837, Charles Lewis Tiffany opened the doors of a small jewelry store in New York, not knowing what kind of empire his business would turn into. Pleasant bonuses: the opportunity to see how the design of jewelry is created today, as well as to see the sketches, to which Paloma Picasso and Andy Warhol once had a hand. Plus fragments from a favorite movie with Audrey Hepburn, interviews with famous fans of the jewelry brand (including Jessica Beale!) And, of course, not all, but some Tiffany secrets.

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