Aevit: instructions for use

Vitamin A for and is important for embryonic development. Vitamin E is necessary for the normal development of the muscular and nervous system. It restores capillary blood circulation and increases the resistance of tissues in the body to hypoxia.

Indications for use

Aevit is prescribed in complex treatment in a number of diseases:
- psoriasis and lupus erythematosus;
- Atherosclerosis, in the initial stages;
- violation of tissue trophism;
- Obliruyuschee endarteritis;
- atrophy of the optic nerve, "night blindness", xerophthalmia;
- retinitis pigmentosa.
Very often, “Aevit” is prescribed to patients with limited nutrition or insufficient intake of vitamins A and E into the body. These conditions include:
- diarrhea;
- infectious diseases;
- Crohn's disease;
- cirrhosis, obstructive jaundice, cholecystitis, obstruction of the biliary tract;
- long-term stress;
- alcohol and nicotine addiction;
- cystic fibrosis;
- hyperthyroidism;
- neuropathy;
- steatorrhea - “oily” or “fat” stools, more common with lesions of the pancreas;
- celiac disease, malabsorption;
- Inadequate food, too low weight;
- necrotizing myopathy.

How to apply "Aevit"

This vitamin complex is taken after meals and washed down with plenty of water, without chewing. The course of taking the drug is about 1 month. But still the dosage and course of treatment must be determined by the physician at full-time admission. Repeated course can be carried out in 3 months.

Side effects

In most cases, the drug "Aevit" is well tolerated. In rare cases, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea can occur. With prolonged use may develop cholestasis and exacerbation of chronic diseases of the pancreas. Rash after taking the drug means an allergic manifestation of one of its components.
Note! Do not allow overdose of the drug, otherwise it can lead to the development of hypervitaminosis E and A. Without consequences, it does not pass and brings a lot of trouble to patients in the form of metabolic disorders, hemorrhagic stroke, renal failure, sepsis and various hemorrhages.

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