A unique opportunity to update the wardrobe: just cut and model

Even with a limited budget, it is possible to look stylish and always be in a trend. The main thing is to show creativity and take a critical look at the "cleaning" of the wardrobe. Out of fashion or become small knitted things - an excellent material for rework. Knitwear is easily modeled. It allows you to experiment endlessly.

You can not believe this, but then it will take less than an hour to make a fashionable beanie hat out of a sweater.

For work you will need:

  • sewing supplies;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun.

Unpack the sweater and cut off a suitable piece of canvas with an elastic band, not forgetting the seam allowance at the top.

Having designated the size and having made rounding in the right places, we apply from the face the strip of glue replacing a side seam.

Similarly, glue and upper part.

Stylish hat is ready!

An additional bonus will be the leggings. To do this, just cut off the sleeves and process the cutoff.

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