A simple way to clean the pipes from blockages. Only three ingredients from your kitchen

  • Anonymous

    Well, with a glass is less clear, but how much is a cup?

  • Anonymous

    change sewer pipes more often, old ones often get dirty.

  • And how much vinegar?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Do not listen to anyone if the sewer is blocked up tightly, only a good shaft will help. (plumber) do not experiment burn your eyes or hands. can be soda but for prevention.

  • puppeteer

    nothing like that, soda with vinegar helps, I use this method myself!

  • Evgeny Alekseevich

    It is possible and as described, but you can simply change the siphon with the hose. This kit costs about 100 rubles, which is three times cheaper than the notorious "TYRET". There is not difficult to change the siphon. the floor is not spilled. Generally, the siphon is often clogged. It is possible to clean it. It is advisable to keep a spare siphon.

  • I take the cable cleaners from plumbers

    I take from plumbers and grew up cleaning pipes and cleaning myself manually

  • Anonymous

    what are you literate but math why

  • Brad, another nonsense. As a result of mixing - the simplest reaction with the production of carbon dioxide and sodium acetate. Why add salt, a separate mystery. Both simply dissolve and have no cleaning properties.
    The tube accumulates fat, that is, very strong alkaline agents are needed. Soda has any, although it is rather weak. And here it is still offered to repay vinegar.

    Sodium acetate is a preservative for a minute.

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