A gift with their own hands: knit socks on two knitting needles, photo

knit socksSocks - this is probably the first thing beginning knitters do. They are not so complicated in execution, it is almost impossible to spoil them, moreover, even if they don’t get much beauty, they can still be used for their intended purpose - it’s pretty unpleasant to join in our winter without warm socks. Often, before embarking on socks for the first time in their lives, craftswomen are nervous - yet they are taken to knit in five knitting needles, and it seems that it is too difficult for the first experience.
Let's skip that moment, that socks in circular binding are rather simple - there is another way, you can also connect socks to two spokes. It is easy, fast and beautiful - we offer you a detailed description of this simple process.

To work you need:

  • Yarn - 150 g
  • Additional thread
  • Needles - 2 pcs.

sock materials

Socks on 2 needles: knitting instructions

  • We collect loops - depending on the leg circumference. For example, if you have calculated that you need 48 loops, then dial 24 - half of the required amount.The length of the additional thread should be about 30 cm, fasten it with the main thread and type so that the loops come out of the yarn, and the base of them - from the additional thread.
  • The first row is knitted with facial loops, the next one - with purl, the last loop is not knitted in any of them. So we knit until the third part of the gathered loops remains on the spoke - here, for example, there should remain 8 pieces.
  • Now the number of loops needs to be increased - for this, in each row you need to knit that loop, which was simply removed before. We knit until such time as we collect the previous number of loops.looping
  • Queue loops, which are fastened with an additional thread - we catch extra. thread, we transfer one loop from the left needle to the right, until all the loops are transferred.
  • We remove the auxiliary thread.
  • Then the process goes like this - the front one (loop, which was lifted with an auxiliary thread), the loop was removed, the thread in front of the loop, the front one, removed and continue the same way, the last loop - the front one. The next row - the first shoot, then the front one, then the purl, repeat to the end of the row.
  • It turns out that one row is half of all loops, the other row is the second half.It turns out almost circular knitting, which we continue until the length is sufficient - that is, equal to the length of the foot, but without the heel. For her, we need a third, auxiliary spoke, to which we remove the loops through one.
  • We knit the remaining loops in the same way as we knit a sock - first we diminish the loops, then we collect the previous quantity.
  • Now we transfer all the loops again to one needle, knitting out one loop of the front one by one from the front needle, and remove one loop from the back.
  • Now we knit an elastic band - as you like, simple or double, height also adjust according to your desire.
  • When the gum is the right length, you can close the loop - the sock is ready!

As you can see, the socks connected on two knitting needles are simple and not too difficult - among other things, such socks are a great gift made with your own hands, which is pleasant to present to a loved one just like that - absolutely for no reason.ready socks do it yourself

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