A few words about face masks

Leading cosmetologists and dermatologists have presented the world the perfect solution for any skin problems, this tool is known as cosmetic masks. It is worth noting that face masks are indispensable for maintaining an attractive youthful skin. In most cases, masks are selected by skin type, but these funds are also classified according to the purpose.

In the catalog on http://edp.kiev.ua/kosmetika/maski-dlya-lica-all you can find a detailed description of the products from different manufacturers, and choose the most suitable option. In order to make the right choice it is important to understand that the essence of each type of masks is:

  • cleansing - designed to exfoliate the orgogel particles of the skin. As a rule, such substances as AHA-acids are included;
  • nutritious - must be used for dry skin type to moisturize and saturate with useful elements;
  • anti-inflammatory - very useful for problem and oily skin to narrow and clean pores, prevent inflammation.Apply such a tool can be no more than 1 time in 7 - 10 days;
  • moisturizing - necessary for dry skin, especially during age-related changes. Most of these masks are designed for daily use;
  • anti-aging - help prevent shallow wrinkles and even out complexion;
  • toning - can improve the elasticity of the skin.

Thanks to the EDP, many women were able to purchase high-quality cosmetics and perfumes. Preferably before home use of the mask, consult a beautician. Regular customers of the EDP never complained that a cosmetic product that was purchased at a reasonable price and delivered on time did not fit. The main thing is to know about the correct application of the mask.

When in doubt, you can test the product yourself in this way: apply a little of the mixture on your elbow, wash it off after 20 minutes. If after 2 hours there is no allergic reaction, then the mask can be applied to the face safely. To do this, you should well steam the face, and then apply the product with light movements along the massage lines and keep it indicated in the instruction time.After that, wash off, and, if desired, treat the cleansed skin with a cream or lotion. As a rule, you can choose the cream of the same series as a set for the mask. Cosmetologists strongly recommend using complex products from the same series.

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