A doll from a plastic bottle with their own hands - photos, videos how to make

Doll from a plastic bottle with his own hands

Doll from a plastic bottle with his own hands

Creating interesting and useful handicrafts with your own hands is a great hobby and a way to calm your nerves. Tough work improves fine motor skills, develops attentiveness and perseverance.


In addition, it is a great way to spend time with a child: a common cause unites, opens up additional opportunities for communication, and the result sets up a positive attitude, instills confidence in your own abilities and opportunities.


Products from plastic bottles are good because the materials are abundant in every home, strong and unpretentious crafts can decorate the garden or balcony, they can be presented as a gift to relatives and friends. Today we will make a doll from a plastic bottle.


The doll is one of the most popular motives for hand-made. A reduced copy of a person is able to convey different emotions,if you make a gift doll, then give it the features of a friend, he or she will surely be pleased and amused by this similarity. The master class is not difficult, so we propose to begin work.


Video: how to make a doll from a plastic bottle with your own hands



Doll box


This variant of crafts is suitable for those who want to make not just a toy or decoration, but also a useful thing in the household. For the upper part you need an old doll, you can take Barbie, the storage container will be a plastic bottle. For finishing you will need lace, chiffon stripes, satin ribbons of 3 and 1 cm., A pair of cosmetic disks. Fasten all this with glue, if you have a special gun - great.


We start by cutting the neck of the bottle and then the top part. It turns out a kind of plastic skirt. From the same bottle cut off the bottom, it is useful for the box. Now we need to cut off the bottom part of the doll, the top-torso with the head and hands we will need. Barbie glue to the top of the bottle. To the casket was not only beautiful outside, we make an elegant interior upholstery.Sponges will serve as a soft layer, and the top layer will be chiffon. If not, a small piece of satin will do. Upholstery we glue. Preparing the halves of the box, combine them with a thin strip of matter. Now our casket opens. It remains to arrange the outside.


Doll from a plastic bottle with his own hands


We lace our satin ribbons and we assemble. This is the first layer of a magnificent dress. Sew frill to the box. Layers need to be done so that the whole box is closed. Do not forget to drape the torso of the doll. To give the craft a special charm - create a graceful hat. Putting the lace in a circle, stitching the ribbon and making the assembly. Now glue the two parts, you can add a bow. Such a doll-box will be a great gift. Especially she will like young girls who can lay down all their jewelry.


Collectible doll


If the previous version of the crafts had a practical purpose, now we suggest creating a doll with your own hands that can become a worthy exhibit of any home collection. In the design of the costume and face painting all your imagination is shown, a creative approach is realized not only to this toy, but also to life in general.


Doll from a plastic bottle with his own hands


Materials will need a minimum: a plastic bottle of any shape (it is better to use small ones), ribbons, lace ribbons and other fabrics if desired, yarn and fur, as well as a wooden spoon and paint.


We create a doll outfit, for which we wrap the bottle with ribbons and ribbons. Let it be a little fashionable masterpiece. The spoon will serve as a face for our crafts, paint it with acrylic paints, give it individuality. It is also not difficult to make hair: we glue yarn or fur of the desired color to a spoon. It remains only to insert a spoon into the bottleneck and fix well.

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