7 simple things that will create a feeling of spaciousness in a small apartment

A small apartment requires special solutions. All the same functions that performs a full-fledged housing, you need to assign a very limited space. You can not do without beds, chairs or storage space. But thanks to individual design techniques, a room with everything you need may seem spacious and light.

Use folding chairs instead of regular ones.

This piece of furniture is often deprived of attention, considering the backup option for picnics and country houses. But modern models are not inferior to the convenience of ordinary kitchen chairs, and can be removed if necessary. You can store several pieces in the storage room in case there are unexpected guests.

Prefer a bed on high legs

First, it will create a feeling of lightness and spaciousness in the room. Secondly, a place under the bed can be filled with lockers in which it is convenient to store the bed.

Use built-in chopping boards in the kitchen

A new trend in kitchen design is a board covering the sink.This technique allows you to hide the mess and create a feeling of a single table top, which visually increases the space.

Install tall cabinets and shelves

The storage space should be used to the maximum. After giving preference to a low cabinet, you sooner or later put something on it. And this will increase the feeling of confusion and clutter.

Wall light instead of ceiling chandelier

Bedside tables, which are usually put on lamps, take up too much space. A classic chandelier in a small room will seem cumbersome. Use sconces of various shapes to provide the necessary lighting. You can mount them on the wall or directly to the furniture.

Use bright colors and bright colors.

So you will distract attention from the limited space, and add room light. You can use contrasting solutions, highlighting the colors of certain zones. Such a room will acquire the desired depth.

Always keep order

Things that are randomly scattered around the room will make her seem even smaller. Every thing in a small room should have its place. Place square baskets in places of accumulation of trifles, and all superfluous will be hidden from eyes.

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