6 mistakes that can negate the crop of cucumbers

If cucumbers begin to turn yellow and drop the ovary, you should not immediately sin on the disease or pests. Often this plant reaction is the result of a series of mistakes made by the gardeners. In order to prevent them, it is necessary to adopt the following information.

A bit about crop rotation

You should not grow cucumbers for several seasons in a row at the same place. This will eventually lead to a decrease in yield, moreover, it will make cucumbers more vulnerable. In a normal crop rotation, cucumbers should fall on the same place no more than once every 4 years. Ideally, early cabbage should be their predecessor. You can plant cucumbers also after potatoes, tomatoes, beets or peas. Landing after watermelons, zucchini and other pumpkin plants will have a negative impact on productivity.

Seedlings should get to the ground in time.

From the moment of emergence of shoots to transplanting seedlings into open ground, no more than 35 days should pass. With a longer content on the windowsill, the plants begin to experience a lack of nutrients and become weak, their survival rate worsens.

Densely plant not worth it!

It is important to maintain a distance of 20 cm between individual plants. Between the rows, this should not be less than 1 m, in greenhouses it is desirable to further increase the distance to ensure normal lighting. With an insufficient purge, the cucumber whip weakens.

Lighting nuances

Direct sunlight can cause irreparable harm to cucumbers. Their fruits can become bitter and rough, and leaves, as a minimum, will get burns. Ideally, cucumbers need partial shade. In the absence of such a place on the site, penumbra can be achieved by planting several rows of corn next to cucumbers.

Lack of garters and nip

Forming lashes and timely garter cucumbers - the key to a good harvest. Trellis cucumbers are less sick. They are more convenient to form, and over time and collect. It is important to remove all the stepsons in time, up to the 4th internode and shorten the upper shoots. Ideally, the length of the stepson at the time of removal should not exceed 3-5 cm, otherwise the plant will experience severe stress.

Irrigation features

Cucumber - moisture-loving culture. To overdry them is strictly prohibited.This can lead not only to the bitterness of the fruit, but also to dropping the ovary. Up to the beginning of flowering during irrigation, you can use the method of sprinkling. Then the water is poured solely under the bushes. For cucumbers, not only the frequency of watering is important, but also the water temperature. If the water is not warm enough, cucumbers can not only taste bitter, but also take an irregular shape.

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