6 puzzles of "Harry Potter", which not everyone could unravel

The story of Harry Potter was able to capture the hearts of readers around the world. Lightning fast. Each book was waited, as a little later - a new iPhone, and perhaps with more passion. At first books, and then films made the world of a little boy with glasses more and more real. It seemed that you only need to get to Kings Cross station in London (there already is a trolley in the wall waiting), and, having fled, you find yourself in Hogvards ...

However, the story came to a close. The enemies are defeated. And it seems time to put the books on the shelf. But the producers are intriguing by the upcoming London premiere play “Harry Potter and the Damned Child”, after which Joan Rowling will start selling the eighth book of the same name in stores. The writer warns that he is not preparing a prequel for the exit, but a story about what happened to the heroes after 19 years (not much is known at the moment: Harry rakes debris in the Ministry of Magic, Ginny works as a journalist, three children are waiting for them, the youngest in the first class, where new adventures begin).

What exactly is waiting for the heroes of the play "Harry Potter and the damned child", we learn in the summer (or rather, July 30!). In the meantime, let's pass the time for solving riddles from a plot already familiar to us.

Harry and Hermione

Did you have time to notice at what point Hermione faded into the background, and Harry drew attention to Ginny, Ron's sister? You can re-read and revise, but never find evidence that this turn of the plot is logical. Moreover, JK Rowling herself admitted later that the fate of the heroes was not at all decided by the logic of the development of history, but by the personal reasons of the author. What the writer regrets over the years: Harry and Hermione would be the perfect match!

6 puzzles of "Harry Potter", which not everyone could unravel

Harry's scar

When the film industry pushes the author to the speedy writing of the sequel, there is very little time to think about each line in detail. So, the text of the first Harry Potter book has already flowed into the script, and JK Rowling did not know the answer to the question where exactly Harry had a lightning-shaped scar: in the first book there is not a single specification. Moreover, even the first illustrations have been preserved, where the baby Harry has a scar not above the right eye, but above the bridge of the nose. The cinema helped solve this problem, and in the very first series the world saw that the scar was hiding under the bangs above the right eye.JK Rowling in subsequent books did not contradict film history and left a scar on the right. By the way, Prince William once admitted that he has a similar scar on his forehead. The prince called him “my Harry Potter scar”.

Harry Potter Eye Color

Maybe you shouldn't follow the text like that, but Joan Rowling claimed that the boy wizard’s eyes were emerald green. However, in the film Harry is blue-eyed. Why? Banal reasons can not be: Daniel Radcliffe allergic to the lenses. The director had to take permission from the writer to change the color of the eyes of the boy wizard on the screen.

6 puzzles of "Harry Potter", which not everyone could unravel

Sirius Black Tattoos

In the third part of the adventures of the boy-wizard called "Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban" comes to the fore the godmother of Harry Potter - runaway criminal Sirius Black. At first, we are shown reviving announcements about a runaway prisoner, which, by the way, remind footage from Eldar Ryazanov’s movie “The Man from Nowhere” of 1961, where a photo moves in a newspaper. But back to the very character. The filmmakers tried to emphasize its features in different ways. For example,the choreographer Paul Harris was invited to deliver the blows and the task was to make Black’s fighting movements look like gangster movements, but completely opposite to the way Malfoy moves. With the same purpose in the film used tattoos. The fans thoroughly checked and came to the conclusion that the tattoos appeared on Sirius Black only on the screen, and nothing is written about them in the books. They say that the filmmakers decided to put tattoos on Black’s body, recalling the tattoos of prisoners from Russian prisons, to emphasize the prison past and the influence of the character.

6 puzzles of "Harry Potter", which not everyone could unravel

Crybaby Myrtle

And have you noticed which of the students of Hogwarts is the oldest? It turns out that the actress, who played the crysome Myrtle, was 37 years old at the time of the filming of the series Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald

The fact that the author is our contemporary expands the possibilities, for example, to increase knowledge about the heroes, not making assumptions and not making absurd logical conclusions, and specifying directly from Joanne Rowling. Once so decided the fate of Dumbledore. At a meeting with readers, JK Rowling was asked about the fate of the wizard Dumbledore, who remained behind the scenes.The writer spoke about the warm, more than friendly relations between the great wizard and the dark magician Gellert Grindelwald, who, however, did not prevent Dumbledore from cracking down on him in far 1945. This news made the fans re-read the volumes available by that moment and notice that the professor had a delicate taste: he wore a color cap, high-heeled boots and a plum-colored velvet suit. Especially against the background of the pale Snape, the black-haired, the black-eyed and always in a flying black mantle, Dumbledore was strikingly different.

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